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hybrid tour systemsThe growing attention to the environment and to save energy has encouraged the development of hybrid systems, Or the integration of different technologies powered by traditional and renewable energy sources.
Rossato wants to know hisIntegrated and hybrid systemsparticipating in some conferences organized by travel Maggioli Publishers, Edilportale and Edicom.

Each conference combines technical-operational cutting programs with the authority of the best experts in the field and is an opportunity to meet other professionals.

In the meetings promoted by Maggs Publishers, the focus will be on environmental comfort, On 'efficiency and the energy saving. Rossato will participate in the stages of Florence, Turin, Treviso, Rome and Bergamo.

The stages of Edilportale will have as its theme the redevelopment of existing buildings, Meaning restructuring, improving and adapting anti-seismic and energy efficiency. Bari, Roma and Milan are the cities chosen to promote Rossato solutions.

The technical conferences of Bari, Padua, Lucca and promoted by Bresciaedicominstead, they will focus on redevelopment of the hotel facilities. For professionals of the reference geographical it will be possible to live streaming, so you can benefit from the credits by taking part directly from the office.

For each meeting will be given dates and how to participate, as well as technical details about the different applications submitted.

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