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Economic floor
heating and cooling


Economic floor
heating and cooling

Underfloor heating systems with low thickness

Economic floor
heating and cooling


The heating and cooling floor

floor-heatingPlants heating and cooling floor, ensure a high level of comfort with a considerable energy saving.

The radiating elements, consisting of pipes of a material resistant to high temperatures and to treading, are placed under the floor. The plant is thus invisible, to the benefit of the aesthetics and allowing a better use of space.

The transmission of heat takes place mainly by radiation and not by convection (as in the case of the radiators). In this way you avoid annoying movements of air and dust and the heat is distributed more evenly.

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Saving with underfloor heatingSavings with underfloor heating

A heating or cooling floor, as the whole range of our radiant systems, works at low temperatures by reducing the time needed to get up to speed, a radiant system guarantees a considerable energy saving compared to other systems.

Furthermore, in systems with underfloor heating the heat dissipation is much lower, thanks to a better insulation of the bearing elements.

Authoritative technical studies show that the energy saving that you can get from a system of floor heating is from a 8% up to a 30%.
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cooling-floorThe system for radiant floor cooling

The radiant floor system, in addition to being an excellent heating system for the winter, it is also the solution for summer cooling.

With a single system can be air-conditioned in all seasons (hot and cold). Theheat pumpthus becomes the only machine necessary, with an interesting savings compared to traditional systems.

The humidity is maintained at ideal levels for the human body through thedehumidifier.

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Floor installation costHow much does underfloor heating?

The price to be incurred for the purchase of equipment depends on several factors, mainly related to the type and quality of the structure.

The higher the dispersion of the building, the greater the cost to the material to be installed (pipe and insulation thickness). So a good insulation of the building provides both a consumption savings on heating, that a saving in the system.

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Great combination radiant system with heat pump

radiant heat pump

The radiant systems use water at low temperature (-25 40 ° C) and are therefore ideal to be integrated with heat pumps, Condensing boilers etc., And with any technology that takes advantage of renewable energy sources.

The efficiency of a heat pump improves the 25% if combined with a radiating system compared to a system with fan coils, both in heating and cooling.

 Its radiant systems Rossato Group adds heat pumps high efficiency and control systems targeted to propose a plant system integrated, comprehensive and high performance.

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questions about floor heating

Questions about underfloor heating

Below are some answers to questions about radiant systems.
If you do not find the answer you are looking for among our controls technical guides on floor heating.

radiant system safeIt 'a radiant system is reliable over time?

All the components of the systems Radiant wall and ceiling Rossato Group have been carefully designed and tested to ensure a long life of the system, without the need for maintenance. Our customers are satisfied the radiant system, in this page you will find some plants built.

for radiant floorWhat to choose for radiant floor?

The radiant system is compatible with all types of coating as long as they do not have a thermal resistance greater than the value of 0,15 m2k / W. Marble floors, ceramic, stone or granite radiant systems are best suited for their improved ability to conduct heat.

screedHow to make the screed for underfloor heating?

Before moving to the laying of any finishing material you must realize the screed, which in addition to the normal function of load distribution, being the seat of the tubes heating ago by real heat carrier.

The realization must be followed carefully as shownin this guidance on the installation of the screed for underfloor heating

Solar thermal training coursesYou can combine underfloor heating with solar panels?

The low temperatures of operation of radiant heating provide a beneficial combination with all plants that use renewable energy, and especially with the solar thermal.


Great advantages with radiant systems

Why choose radiant systems Rossato Group?

Each element of which is composed of the radiant system Rossato Group is thoroughly researched and tested by our technicians to ensure a long service life of the plant, Without the need for maintenance.

  • More than 40 years of experience in the industry.
  • Certification of equipment as required by law.
  • Production and sales with the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Our sales and service network covers the whole of Italy.
  • We are always available to all our customers
  • Our plants are covered by liability insurance of 10 years.
  • We guide you from design to system installation.
  • Components certified in accordance with regulations.
  • Because it is made in Italy.

Choose your floor system

Floor System classic


Plant low floor to dry

Underfloor heating systems with low thickness

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