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Fan coil built


Fan coil built

Iris is INRecessed wall fan coil for heating and summer air conditioning, Designed to work with low temperatures while maintaining the temperature pleasant environments.

Beautifully designed and elegant is installed on the wall in a very simple.

It 'available in 3 sizes with different powers.

Iris is fitted with a filter of large size, mounted on the front that allowsfilter the airmaintaining a high comfort and hygiene in the environment.


fan operationHow does the fan coil

The fan coil is installed flush to the wall and hid from its shell with an innovative design. E 'consists of a water battery that exchanges heat with the ambient air entry into the internal fan, the air is cooled in summer and heated in winter.

During the cooling operation, the air is also dehumidified: the moisture retained condenses and collects in the tank.


Components and performance characteristics

  • Features fanThree sizes for heating and summer air conditioning
  • Adjusting on three of speed and power levels
  • Tangential fan at low speed
  • Large front air filter for air purification
  • Very low power consumption
  • Integrated Control Panel
  • Small footprint
  • Optional feet for floor support
  • Roofing removable galvanized steel
  • Easy opening for maintenance operations

Fan coil by Iris recessedelegant, quiet guest

Iris is slim, sleek and silent, the roof covering is made of white galvanized steel.

Iris is designed for installation in hotels, hospitals, offices, etc. and homes where the demand for comfort and noise subtlety are a necessity.

The noise level is exceptionally low, at least compared to the same product category.


ventilator fan irisFans tangential performance

The tangential fan operated by an electronic motor that modulates the speed ensures extremely uniform air distribution and homogeneity of temperature in the environment.

The fan of Iris IN is powerful and works in a totally silent on three levels of speed and power.


Features and Models

Model Pot fridge
Hi - Med - Lo
Thermal Pot
Hi - Med - Lo
air flow
Iris 600 850W - 680W - 330W 1050W - 650W - 400W 175 square metres3/h 250 l / h 16 Kg
Iris 900 1000W - 850W - 600W 1500W - 1100W - 730W 320 square metres3/h 343 l / h 20 Kg
Iris 1000 1500W - 1000W - 750W 2000W - 1400W - 950W 418 square metres3/h 433 l / h 22 Kg

Operating Conditions
Heating: Air 20 ° C - Water 40 ° C / ° C 35 -Cooling: Air 27 ° C db C/bu- Water 19 10 ° ° C / ° C 15

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