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spessore_riscaldamento_pavimentoLo thickness, Engaged in air floor heating "Standard" can be schematized as follows:

  • Room to pass plumbing and electrical, About 5 8-cm. Before laying the insulation for underfloor heating systems must be leveled with a "pre-screed", preferably with loose insulating material (cork, perlite, expanded clay, etc.). If there is not enough space, you can opt for a "channels"Passing along the walls, at the same level the radiant system.
  • + Insulating pipes = From the 3 5,5 cm. This value depends on how much insulation is placed under the pipe; this thickness is given by the dispersions that there are from the floor down (local open, closed cellar, embankment, heated room)
  • Screed, Which can bind by 3 cm, with self-leveling systems type quick-drying, up to 4,5 cm for traditional solutions. In dry systemsThe floor can be placed on the plant dry.
  • FinishingOn average by 0,8 to 3 cm (tiles, parquet, terracotta).

So in a typical situation, to work in good condition, you need a total of about 15 cm. The choice of the "channel" side to pass the water pipes and electrical permits to work in about 8 / 10 cm, but increases the cost side plant water and electricity.

Inplants lowered dry you can go down to a total between 3 / 5 cm, but we must make sure that the insulation placed under the pipe is sufficient to meet the leakage requirements prescribed by the regulations.

If you want to do the insights on heating in the floor, you can find valuable information at the following links:

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