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Solar thermal vacuum tube

solar thermal vacuum

solar thermal vacuum tube I'm a great revolution for the forced circulation system with auxiliary heating. L 'careful design achieves high performance even in winter with low outdoor temperatures and low light.

T12-CPC collectors are ideal for heating of sanitary water but are also suitable asheating integration of environments.The modules are small, lightweight and modular so simple to install. Each tube is often only 55 mm.

The entire system requires very little maintenance, if necessary, it may replace the single tube with extreme simplicity without emptying the circuit and stop the operation of heating.

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Vacuum solar panels

Design and construction features unique

Solar panels T12-CPC have been designed with the utmost attention to every small detail and made with quality materials that ensure a long service life of the solar system.

Against bad weather and hailhave been optimized in the outer stainless steel and glass with increased thickness of the 13% compared to standard models.

Evacuated tubes are made of a special alloy copper - nickel which gives the collector an excellent rexistence even at long Exposurethe addition of the 250 ° without risk of corrosion and deterioration.

Before being put on the market, each collector is subjected to strict quality controls and physical endurance.


Vacuum solar panelsHow are the solar collectors?

The solar thermal vacuum T12-CPC consist of a double-glazed and work on the principle of the thermos, the gap between the two glass retains heat even when outside temperatures are very low.

The cylindrical tubes, together with the CPC reflector capture the sun's rays from different angles (even those that are usually lost with flat plate collectors) and enable high yield, even in the afternoon and facing unfavorable.

  1. Evacuated glass double room
  2. Selective absorber
  3. Aluminum absorber
  4. Copper-nickel alloy pipe
  5. Dish - Reflector CPC


Reflector sunlight

They capture the sun's rays slanting

Under the vacuum tube is placed in a special mirror parabolic reflectors (CPC) that embraces the manifold.

This sensor light can also capture the sun's rays reflected on the oblique vacuum tube, while maintaining the original heat and minimizing heat losses.

The riflettitore is made with special materials capable of providing excellent yields of the diffused light.

By the construction of the reflector related to those of the vacuum tube, the solar thermal system increases exponentially performance even when the sky is overcast and low light.


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The solar panels T12 CPC are suitable for heating domestic hot water and heating integration with high energy savings; if you want to learn more about this product, get a quote or a visit from one of our officer,immediately fill out the contact form.


Fittings and connections located at the bottom

The collector positioned at the bottom makes the difference

The solar panel vacuum tube T12-CPC differs from similar models mainly for the positioning of the manifold and the connections in the lower part of the panel, rather than at the top.

This technical device ensures a higher yield and a higher resistance and stability over time of the entire system.

Read below all the advantages that lead the manifolds in low places


No leakage of glycolAnti corrosion

The special configuration of the CPC-T12 protects the collector, especially in the summer stagnation in the early stages of the plant.

In traditional systems: The antifreeze evaporates slowly through the connections in high places: the antifreeze decomposition, attacks and damages the tube collector.
T12-CPCThe connections are at the bottom in the collector-T12 CPC favor the rapid expulsion of the glycol, increasing durability and preserving the collector and its components from the risk of corrosion.


Anti-condensation system

No condensation

The presence of condensation in the solar panels is a normal phenomenon quite frequently, mainly due to continuous temperature ranges.

In traditional systems: The condensate accumulates in the bottom and can be frozen by blowing the glass tube.

T12-CPC: The water can not accumulate, but immediately comes out of the tube to avoid any damage.


Antidispersioni thermal

Dispersions minimized

In a solar thermal plant is very important that the heat is not lost.

In traditional systems: The tubes open upwards allow hot air to escape in the pipes, thus causing heat losses.

T12-CPC: The tubes of the T12 CPC, on the contrary, are closed at the top and retain the stored heat, avoiding dispersions and thus improving the yield of the system.


Savings with solar thermal vacuum

Saving with solar thermal vacuum

By integrating the solar panels T12-CPC to a system for heating can save you on average every year until 30 - 50% energy than systems with flat plate collector of the same size.

The yield of the system is particularly evident in the winter months
and in the presence of low temperatures.

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Solar collector resistant to snowSolar collectors are resistant to the most extreme climates

Solar thermal collectors T12-CPC, thanks to the special construction materials and characteristics studied in detail, are able to work efficiently even at very low temperatures.

For years, systems have been installed with vacuum panels T12 CPC-even in places where the climate is very rigid and are used both for the production of domestic hot water for heating integration.

In such hostile environments T12-CPC solar collectors are put to the test and are able to work with outside temperatures down to-50 ° C and with snow and strong wind gusts.

Despite the low temperatures, the solar vacuum tube works with maximum efficiency.


Installing solar panelLightweight and easy to install

The collector CPC-T12 impresses with its elegant and modern design. 
Each module consists of tubes and weighs only 6 16,4 Kg am therefore are very easy to handle and carry on the roof without the need for cranes or special equipment.

The self-supporting frameless allows you to connect up to 12 collectors giving the visual effect of a single field. The thickness of the structure with only 55 mm makes theT12-CPC collectors one of the thinnest in the market.

They can be installed vertically or horizontally and are supplied complete with brackets, fittings and mounting accessories. The particularly low weight and small size greatly eases the installation.
Download the manual vacuum panels 

Installation of solar collectors


Installing solar thermal panels horizontal

Solar system installation in vertical

The solar thermal vacuum T12-CPC can also be installed vertically on a wall, parapet or balcony.

Both in the vertical and in the horizontal system, the vacuum collectors are simply attached to the supporting structure, screwed and connected.

The manifolds are supplied complete with all accessories and guides necessary to enable a perfect installation with maximum energy efficiency. Thanks to the modular design, the size of the system can be adapted to every need; if necessary, the collector area can be divided into small fields.

Vertical installation solar thermal vacuumSolar system installation in horizontal

Most of the applications with the solar thermal vacuum has horizontal installation: You can mount the solar thermal power plants facade, roof, garden, balcony and all those solutions where space is available for installation.

E 'advisable to tilt the panels with an angle of ca. 55 °, to prevent dust, dirt or snow to pause on the surface, reducing the yield.

The self-supporting frameless allows you to connect up to 12 collectors, giving the visual effect of a single field.

The solar panel T12-CPC with its innovative high-tech design allows installation with attractive design and low visual impact.

Solar thermal and heat pump

Solar thermal and heat pump

The solar thermal collectors T12-CPC can be combined with a heat pump, obtaining up all'80% of the energy from the environment to produce hot water and room heating.

The heat pump is activated only when necessary, such as when there is not enough solar energy to meet the needs of the building.

The combination of solar thermal heat pump allows you to have hot water and heating for all year round, while significantly improving the building's energy.

In addition to the heat pump to the vacuum solar panels can be combined with the biomass boiler. These technologies combined with solar allow less expense and greater energy independence.


Additional heating or radiant heaters

Solar thermal for heating home

The solar thermal panels T12-CPC can give a good contribution to the heating even on sunny days in winter.

On average, collectors T12-CPC can cover a good part of the annual energy requirements for heating, while the remainder must be supplied by a generator, eg. a boiler, a heat pump, etc.. They can also be integrated with common radiators.

Solar thermal and radiant systems

The solar panels fit perfectly to the radiant panels Rossato Group to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

The use of low temperatures in the radiant panels increases both the efficiency of the solar plant that that of the heat pump. Warm home with greater savings improving comfort and increasing the building's energy.

thermal solar panels for swimming pools

Heat swimming pools with solar thermal

The vacuum solar collectors T12-CPC in addition to the heating of sanitary water can be used for the heating of swimming pools, Making it more comfortable water temperature of indoor or outdoor.

The heat produced by the vacuum panels in the pool reaches the heat exchanger where the heat transfer takes place.

Use the collector vacuum means a big cost savings especially in indoor pools, but also to extend the period of use of the outdoor pools.

The solar thermal system with vacuum panels makes your pool warm with low operating costs.

Gross area m² 1,16
Width mm 625
Height mm 1.885
Thickness mm 55
Weight Kg 16,4
Conduit copper - nickel
Structure and support stainless steel
Absorber selective aluminum
Caps glass tubes aluminum

Summary benefits of solar vacuum T12

radiant system the bestVacuum tubes with low heat loss = good yields even in winter
radiant system the bestCollector and links placed in the bottom = long life of the collector and the plant
radiant system the bestReflector CPC = excellent yields even with slanting rays (east-west)
radiant system the bestSingle module from 1,18 sq = Installation vertical or modular orizzonatle
radiant system the bestSmall weight only 16,4 kg = low transport costs and handling
radiant system the bestFine materials of high quality long life of the system =


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