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thermal storage

STRATUS heat storage solar stratified

Stratus is a Solar thermal storage technologically advanced thanks to the innovative system of stratification.

A patented system that allows great energy savings and an abundant production of domestic hot water. Versatile and compact, it is available in 4 models from 550 to 2200 liters.

Stratus can be combined with different generators, boilers or gas stoves, pellet or diesel, but its performance is optimized to the maximum in combination with heat pumps and solar systems.

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Stratification with thermal storage

With the accumulation solar hot water immediately!

By connecting the Stratus to a solar system you can get hot water after only 30 minutes.

Thanks to the system of stratification induced, the temperature stratifies quickly upward reaching maximum energy efficiency. The heat from the solar collector heats the water in the stratification tube (or riser tube) and stratification is immediately activated.

The reduced volume of the stratification pipe or rising pipe (<0,5l) allows a rapid rise of the solar heated water so that the hot water in the upper layers is immediately available for withdrawal via an external DHW station.

The solar exchanger is positioned on the bottom of the tank, in the coldest part. The cold water is thus "pulled" through the exchanger and heated in countercurrent.


Speed ​​of stratification storage tank

Savings in stratification in the accumulation

The innovative layering system creates stable temperature zones inside the storage and in this way

lo top layer it is quickly heated to be immediately ready for sampling;

la central, at intermediate temperatures, it prevents continuous ignition of the integrative source (boiler, heat pump, etc.) if not necessary, with consequent energy savings;

lo lower layer, at low temperatures, it ensures an adequate pert for the efficient use of the solar system, even in the event of low radiation (cloudy days and winter months). 


Accumulation without heat losses

Availability of long heat

The Stratus solar storage tank differs from similar products for some particular structural measures, designed to minimize heat losses.  

L'thermal insulation EPS 10 cm plus the 2,5 cm of air chamber acts as a mantle for the accumulation and their high thickness reduces radiation losses. The hat has an insulation thickness of 15 cm. All the insulation can be disassembled to simplify transport and installation. 

- siphoned attacks in an inclined position they allow to minimize the microcirculation and thus the heat losses of the fittings.

- Special adjustable rubber feet on which the accumulation is suspended, reduce the dispersion of heat towards the ground, avoiding the thermal bridge. 

These measures make Stratus unique in energy saving for hot water and heating.


Chart performance Stratus

Thermal performance of the Stratus 

The graph shows how the Stratus, compared to similar products, retains accumulated heat for a long time, since heat loss is reduced to a minimum.

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Thermal storage and solar panels

Thermal storage and solar panels 

The Stratus series consists of combined storage tanks, with internal heat exchanger for solar loading and the possibility of producing domestic hot water with an external instantaneous DHW station.

The Stratus stratified storage tank combined with flat or vacuum solar panels allows annual savings of 70 to 90% for the production of domestic hot water and 20% - 40% on energy costs for heating. In the most favorable cases, it is possible to arrive at a range of up to 90%. 

For hotels or large buildings, several Stratus thermal storage tanks can easily be installed in parallel in order to make a greater quantity of water available for each user.


Thermal storage for boilers and stoves

Accumulation for stoves and wood boilers or pellet

The accumulations Stratus allow the connection of several heating circuits and heat generators in the points corresponding to their temperatures esercizio.L 'thermal storage Stratus accumulates hot water, heated by the various sources of heat generation as oil-fired boilers, gas, pellets and wood. 

The circuits of the boiler and heating systems are connected directly to the accumulation. In this way can be transferred powers of the boiler up to 60 kW. 

The coupling of the storage tank to the boiler prevents frequent switching on and off, thus reducing energy consumption.


heat storage and heat pump

Storage and heat pump, perfect union

The Stratus is designed to be combined with heating systems with heat pump.

Between the delivery and return connections, a "calm box" was created in which the mass of water introduced by the generator is slowed down to prevent it from mixing in the accumulation. Thus the water is immediately conveyed to the heating flow, without waiting.

The heat pump introduces large masses of water into the puffer which, without this precaution, would enter at great speed, dispersing and mixing in the tank, breaking the stratification. 

The case of calm allows, then, immediate availability of water for heating with a consequent energy saving.


Tank for radiant panels and radiators

Tank for radiant panels and radiators

The Stratus stratified storage tank can be combined with traditional systems such as radiators or fan-coils or with floor, wall or ceiling radiant systems.

Two heating circuits with different temperature levels (eg. Heating radiators and floor) can be connected and used incascata both.

In this way, the solar heat is exploited optimally, allowing to obtain good solar yields. 


Thermal storage station and hot water

Accumulation station and hot water

For the production of domestic hot water, the Stratus is connected to an external DHW station which guarantees water heated instantly, therefore always clean and with maximum energy savings.

Furthermore, with the instant DHW station, the return to the puffer is very cold (between 15 ° and 30 ° C) and this allows to increase the yield of the solar system.Thanks to the stratified emptying with the external DHW station, the thermal capacity of the Stratus accumulators is superior to that of traditional combined accumulators equipped with spirals. 

The advantage is the less frequent integration of the generator and greater availability of domestic hot water.


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The Stratus is the solution to accumulate and use solar heat with high energy savings; if you want to know more about this product, receive a quote or a visit from one of our officials, immediately fill out the contact form.


Operation of solar thermal storage

As it is composed of the thermal storage Stratus

Stratus storage tanks are at the pinnacle of technology in the field of combined solar storage.

The particular technical measures and its characteristics make it performant in solar thermal systems even during the coldest periods.

The small diameters of the tubes in the solar circuit is possible to reduce the installation costs of the plant. 



Models and specifications

4 models are available with different storage capacity.
For technical information

Model Tank Diam. Without and with insulation Height with isol. Sup vacuum manifold Built-up panels FKA Empty weight
STRATUS 600 550 liters 70cm / 96cm 175 cm 4 - 9,5 m² 4,5 - 10,5 m² 137kg
STRATUS 800 800 liters 79cm / 106cm 205 cm 7 - 14,5 m² 8 - 16 m² 175kg
STRATUS 1000 1000 liters 79cm / cm 106 224,5 cm 7 - 14,5 m² 8 - 16 m² 225kg
STRATUS 2200 2200 liters 130cm / cm 156 206 cm 11 - 23 m² 11 - 23 m² 395kg

Features mechanical ventilation

- Heat exchanger solar stratified patented
- Isolation of high thickness (12,5cm)
- Attacks siphoned oblique antidispersione
- Adjustable feet for floor standing
- Heat exchanger with stratification for high yield
- Insulation detachable for easy installation

Comfort hot water with solar heat build-up

Save now and produce hot water immediately

radiant system the bestUntil 40% savings on annual energy requirement 
radiant system the bestIntegration with all heating systems
radiant system the bestReduced heat loss to a minimum
radiant system the bestHigher efficiency of the solar
radiant system the bestFast availability of hot water
radiant system the bestGreat combination with heat pumps
radiant system the bestMaximum water hygiene
radiant system the bestHigh energy savings 

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