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On-line calculation programs
dimensioning, needs and consumption 

Calculate the cost, power consumption and sizing of heat pumps, heating systems and hot water

Calculation sizing kettles

Sizing of storage tanks, boilers and separators

Calculations for the sizing of storage tanks for heating, refrigerated water and sanitary hot water. 

Storage tank sizing for wood-fired boilers
Sizing buffer tank for heat pumps and chillers

Calculations for the capacity and the need for domestic hot water

Calculations hot water

Spreadsheets for the sizing of apparatus for the production of domestic hot water

Calculation hot water for condominiums
Calculation hot water for sports centers
Calculation hot water for hotels and guesthouses
Calculation hot water for hospitals and clinics
Calculation hot water for offices 

Calculation of the consumption of heat pumps for heatingcalculation-pump-heat-consumption

Comparison of heating costs between our heat pumps and the traditional gas boiler.

-Calculation of AIR + HT heat pump consumption  (Out of stock model)

Second-meter-rate-D1Calculations and comparisons on electricity tariffs

Find out the best rate to match your heating system or sanitary water 

-Calculate the consumption of the heat pump with the rate D1 (No longer in force)

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