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controlled mechanical ventilation


Dehumidifiers with
controlled mechanical ventilation


What is a mechanical ventilation system?


A plant controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC) allows you to control the exchange of air in the building, without having to open the windows and avoiding unnecessary heat loss.

  • The stale air it is taken from the most polluted environments such as bathrooms and kitchens: before being expelled outside, it is conveyed to a heat exchanger where it preheats or pre-cools the clean air taken from outside.
  • Clean air renewal it is introduced through diffusers installed in living rooms or bedrooms. 
    The VMC system ensures a continuous exchange of air, eliminates bad smells, pollutants and excess humidity, adapting the ventilation to the degree of occupation of the building. 


How does a mechanical ventilation system?

Watch the video of the system of ventilation.

Heat recovery of exhaust air

exchanger ventilation double flowThe heart of the system is a heat recovery (or exchanger). In it the stale air sucked in from the inside transfers heat to the clean air coming from the outside, without mixing the two flows. 

The fresh air is preheated in winter and pre-cooled in summer and at the same time filtered, guaranteeing a really healthy change of air.

The expulsion of stale air and the distribution of fresh air take place thanks to the action of a pair of fans and a network of channels.



How to increase the value of your property with the VMC?

House for Class A

The plant mechanical ventilation increases the level of technology of the building and contributes to its maintenance by protecting the structures from damage caused by mold and excessive humidity of the internal air.

The high recovery efficiency of the heat exchanger makes it possible to recover almost all the heat present in the outgoing air and to transfer it to the incoming air, significantly reducing the amount of heat needed to heat it. The resulting reduction in energy consumption translates into one reduction of management costs and in a increase in the energy class of the building.

The energy quality of buildings is now represented by a label with indicators from G (lower efficiency) to A (higher efficiency) as for household appliances.

The achievement of the highest energy efficiency classes such as B and A can only be achieved by equipping the buildings with controlled mechanical ventilation systems with high efficiency heat recovery.
Class switching to a higher energy class increases the value of the property by about 10%.


Mechanical ventilation improves your quality of life; if you want to know more about our products, receive a quote
or visit our official immediately fill out the contact form.

Why choose mechanical ventilation Rossato Group?

advantages vmc Rossato Group

Systems for mechanical ventilation residential guarantee high efficiency of recovery, until 95%.

Rossato Group mechanical ventilation units guarantee excellent yields throughout the ventilation process: high efficiency of heat recovery, reduced power consumption of the fans, reduced pressure drops of all components.

The plant is completed by highly advanced which controls the ventilation rates according to the indoor air quality.



Benefits mechanical ventilation Rossato Group

mechanical ventilation for home

Hygiene and Health

  • Continuous exchange of air
  • Absence of air currents and external noises
  • Elimination of odors, smoke and humidity


  • Control humidity in the room
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Freedom of choice of terminals spread

Earnings and savings

  • Energy saving
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning

Easy Installation

  • Technical support in the design phase
  • Unit is preconfigured for fast and easy installation
  • Completeness of accessories to simplify the laying 

The air supply for homes, offices and condominiums local

La Altair range with its multiple solutions meet the needs of every type of building
(Apartments, flats, villas, offices, activities, etc.).


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