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Integrated system for energy saving

Rossato Group has developed products that are compatible with each other to maximize comfort in homes, offices and commercial premises.
The integrated Rossato Group is composed of intelligent systems that allow big energy savings, such as: 
Radiant system, heat pump, solar thermal, biomass generator, mechanical ventilation system controlled and a proper heating plant.

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comfort system

energy saving

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Remote control system

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comfort systemUnmatched comfort

Thanks to the "Rossato Group integrated system", it is possible to obtain maximum comfort with uniform temperatures in any environment, both in summer and in winter. Silent, hidden or aesthetically pleasing systems will make your environment welcoming and comfortable in all seasons.

radiant system saving integrated system 


energy savingA savings forever

The comfort of radiant systems is linked to the savings of innovative products such as heat pumps or pellet generators. The heat pump guarantees energy savings of up to 75% compared to an electric water heater and 40% compared to a gas one. With the heat pump and the boiler or pellet stove you can take advantage of the 65% personal income tax deduction for energy redevelopment interventions.

Saving Rossato heat pump


health hygieneMaximum hygiene and no waste

In addition to comfort and savings, the Rossato Group product line boasts systems that improve living quality. Systems such as VMC that guarantee constant air exchange, helping to prevent damage caused by humidity and allergy problems. Radiant systems that help against asthma and reduce the onset of mites and dust, anti-legionella systems for the production of domestic hot water.



easyEven for existing installations

All devices of the integrated system are quick and easy to install, all kinds of generators, and mechanical ventilation systems are designed with ease to access to internal components. The unique plug and play logic used to interface with each other all the devices of the integrated system Rossato Group.

Rossato biomass generators


system-savingIntelligent use of energy for

Renewable energy sources are inexhaustible, zero impact we offer many advantages, in particular the savings. They are part of an integrated system for saving energy, solar thermal, biomass generators, heat pumps and ventilation with heat recovery technology.

integration of renewable energy


Remote control systemRemote control of the system

All the components of the Rossato integrated system communicate perfectly with each other and are managed in a simple and intuitive way even from a distance. Through the application it is possible to start, manage and receive statistics of the heating, cooling and solar systems.

Remote integrated system


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