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Plants floor heating radiation are characterized by a total architectural integration so you may want to coordinate and integrate all aspects of the design to ensure a good system building system.

The design of the system requires the determination of the heat demand of the building in accordance with the Law 10 / 91 and subsequent amendments: the thermal power supplied must be equivalent to the nominal heat losses for each environment.

In the project must be reported position of the collectors, That you should be barycentric compared to the environments to be heated, the distribution of the heating circuits and the placement of all types of joint present.

 The dimensioning of the 'underfloor heating system must be done in accordance to the UNI-EN 1264 3.

The feed temperature of the project is calculated in reference to the environment having the highest emissions per unit area, bathrooms excluded, with a Dt (Between flow and return) of maximum 5 ° C.

If it is not known the type of flooring you choose, the standard requires to perform the calculation for coatings thermal resistance R = 0,1 m2 K / W, except for the bathrooms which raises R = 0 m2 K / W.

For the remaining areas the required thermal load must be satisfied playing on lunghezza of the circuits and on the 'distance between the tubes: the length of the circuits also depends on the pressure drop allowed.

The required thermal load may be satisfied by intensifying the step of laying in correspondence of perimeter zonesThey are so called radiant floor surfaces with a maximum width of 1 m along the outer walls, which intensified the pace of installation, you can get a surface temperature higher than normal living areas.

The perimeter zones allow to exploit an advantageous barrier effect towards the outside.

For physiological reasons for the rule prescribes fail the following values ​​of surface temperature:

  • 29 ° C for the surfaces occupied for long periods;
  • 33 ° C for the bathrooms;
  • 35 ° C for perimeter zones (not in addition to 1 m wide along the exterior walls). 

If you want to do the insights on heating in the floor, you can find valuable information at the following links:

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