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The heating pipe in radiant systems


The tube crossed by the heat conductor is the fundamental component of a radiant surface heating system.

It must respond to numerous and stringent quality parameters to ensure good performance and long life: high levels of stress resistance of different nature must be guaranteed for at least 50 years with excellent safety margins.

The PE-RT AL tube is a multi-metal plastic tube and metal tube ideal for radiant surface systems.


Material of the inner tube in PE-RT

The inner tube is made with a special PE-RT orexisting at high temperatures in accordance with Din 16833, in etileneottano copolymer.

The polymer structure is presented as a linear chain (ethylene) and the side chains of octane, producing a very durable material with excellent flexibility and durability. 


Some parameters to be respected in the installation of the pipe

The circuits can not be placed under bidet, bath tubs, toilets and showers suspended except apparatus of a kind, and must maintain: 50 mm of vertical structures; 200 mm away from chimneys, open fires, axes in the open or walled and trumpets for lifts; a radius of curvature not less than the minimum defined in the relevant standards of product
(See EN 1057: 1996, prEN ISO 15874: 2001, prEN ISO 15875: 2001, prEN ISO 15876: 2001):
a minimum value indicative 5 is equal to twice the diameter of the tube.

The heating circuits must not intersect the main joints of the structure: the expansion joints can be crossed only by connecting tubes, which, at the crossing are protected from insulating hoses the minimum length of 0,3 m. 



Installing radiant tube

The type of development can be of the type spiral or serpentineThe first is to be preferred because it allows to obtain temperature super! Cial smoother and to minimize the number of bends in 180 °, the length of the circuit and the wheelbase to maintain project data are to follow.

During transport to the construction site the pipe handle with care and avoid exposure to direct sunlight, for ease of installation make use of a feed rotor, which wrap the pipe, to be set from time to time in position with respect to the environment of job.


 Advantages of the radiant tube Rossato Group

  • Total impermeability to oxygen
  • Aluminum casing
  • Total recyclability
  • Insurance 10 years RC








If you want to do the insights on heating in the floor, you can find valuable information at the following links:


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