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Heat pumps
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Heat pumps
Heat pumps
for domestic hot water
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What are heat pumps

Heat pumps high efficiency

The heat pumps they are machines capable of transferring the free energy present in the external sources (air, water, soil) to the systems for heating and domestic hot water. 

The heat transfer takes place by means of a refrigerant circuit with high efficiency with a reduced absorption of electrical energy. 

{Snippet: description} The energy produced by a modern heat pump is used to heat, cool and for produce hot water: In each of these applications around 75% of the energy required by the heat pump comes from the external environment and the supply of electricity is only about 25%. {/ Snippet: description}

How do heat pumps

operating heat pumps

Il operation of the heat pump takes place with a circuit in which flows a cooling fluid. The fluid, passing in a first heat exchanger, Absorbs energy from the external source and then passes to the compressor: this keeps the fluid in circulation and provides an additional intake of energy.

In second heat exchanger, energy is transferred from the refrigerant to the distribution system: at this point thanks to an expansion device the cycle can begin again. The operation of both heating and cooling is possible by reversing the heat exchangers and the direction of operation of the refrigeration cycle. 

Saving with underfloor heating The saving with heat pumps

{snippet: abody} The heat pump has a very low impact on the environment and on the energy bill. The savings for the production of domestic hot water compared to electric water heaters can reach up to 70%.

The combination of the heat pump to a heating and cooling guarantees energy savings that can range from 40% to 70% compared to traditional systems. With a geothermal heat pump is possible to obtain yields and greater savings: for each kWh of electrical energy consumed, in fact, the heat pump makes 3-4 kWh heat.

Calculate the savings of the heat pump to know the consumption compared to a traditional gas or diesel boiler; I assure you that you will be very surprised! {/ snippet: abody}  



Produce domestic hot water heat pump 

Many heat pumps Rossato Group allow you to produce domestic hot water connection to an external storage. Specifically designed for domestic hot water is the water heaters AIR COMBO heat pump with integral DHW cylinder, Pre-assembled and ready for use.

AIR COMBO combines a heat pump air-to-water heat pump and a tank to store water heaters in a single device (holding 200 300 and liters), thus minimizing the overall dimensions. By exploiting the technology of the heat pump, AIR COMBO reduces fuel consumption by up to 70% compared to electric water heaters.

The buffer tank is a second coil for the combination of AIR COMBO with solar panels. In addition, the connection of AIR COMBO with photovoltaic panels allows produce hot water at no cost.


Match the heat pump for underfloor heating 

Heat pump for radiant

- systems for underfloor heating operate with water at low temperature (-25 40 ° C) and are therefore ideals to be integrated with heat pumps, Condensing boilers etc., And with any technology that takes advantage of renewable energy sources.
The efficiency of a heat pump improves the 25% if combined with a radiating system compared to a system with fan coils, both in heating and cooling.

Amongst the radiant systems Rossato Group adds high efficiency heat pumps and control systems aimed to propose an integrated plant system, complete with high performance.  


questions about floor heating

Common questions about heat pumps

Find answers and technical advice the most common questions about heat pumps.

Otherwise, if you have any questions in particular, you can contact us by email.


assistance heat pumpsAnd 'safe and reliable heat pump?

Heat pumps are very reliable and, unlike the boilers, have no need of periodic combustion analysis. Maximum security is guaranteed as They have no connection gas, and no tanks containing hazardous substances. Customers are satisfied with our heat pumps: see some responses of plants built.


for radiant floorCan I connect the heat pump to normal radiators?

A heat pump can heat water up to 60 ° C, but we recommend not exceeding 55 ° C. Old radiator systems are usually sized to operate at 65-70 ° C. So it is possible to use the heat pump in the mid seasons and on less cold days.
If the heaters are dimensioned to operate at 50 ° C or less, the heat pump will be usable without the aid of external sources, and to make savings interesting than the boiler, between the 20% and 40%.


I can use the heat pump in place of the boiler? 


The heat pump can always replace the boiler in radiant systems and in systems with radiators / fan-coil if sized under-50 55 ° C flow. More and more people want a solution that guarantees reliability in time. Thanks to the heat pump this is possible. Who wants to replace the traditional boiler of your system, it will save on energy costs and gain in terms of comfort. The renovations, will be planned and configured according to the type of dwelling and type of facility.


And 'possible to combine the heat pump to a photovoltaic system?

heat pump for alternative energy

Heat pumps can cover all needs for heating, cooling and domestic hot water by tapping into renewable energy: thermal energy taken from the environment may add the electricity produced by alternative technologies in order to achieve energy independence .

The integration of the heat pump with a photovoltaic system, depending on the zone, leads to a reduction of the electricity bill up all'80% and, in some cases, it is reset.


Tax deductions heat pumpIncentives for heat pumps?

For the installation of heat pumps in existing buildings you can deduct up to 65% of the amount invested, installation and VAT included.
From time to time are also provided regional contributions and the application of reduced VAT rates for the works of installation is always possible. In this guide you will find all the information on incentives for heat pumps.


As current consumes a heat pump for heating?

Consumption of heat pump

The electricity consumption of a heat pump varies in proportion to its power.
The correct choice of a heat pump takes into account two main elements: the heating requirements of the building to be heated and the maximum temperature for the system (underfloor heating, fan coils, radiators, etc.)..
In principle, by dividing the heat requirement for the COP of the machine can get an estimate of the instantaneous consumption of the heat pump.
Calculate the savings with the heat pump for your system.


Why choose heat pumps Rossato Group?

Great advantages with radiant systems

Each element of which they are composed systems Rossato Group is thoroughly researched and tested by our technicians to ensure a long service life of the plant.

  • More than 40 years of experience in the industry.
  • Savings in operating costs from the 30 70%.
  • Emission reduction CO2.
  • Supply from renewable energy sources.
  • Eliminate costly chimneys.
  • Elimination of gas installations.
  • Heating, cooling and hot water.
  • Production and sales with the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Our sales and service network covers the whole of Italy.
  • We are always available to all our customers.
  • Quality 100% made in Italy.


Choose a heat pump for your needs

Rossato Group has designed a wide range of heat pumps for each specific installation needs.
We have excellent installation of our systems for each area. From that little bit extra savings and technology to your home.

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Heat pumps
Heat pumps
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Heat pumps for geothermal

Heat pumps
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