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Solar thermal panels

Solar thermal panels
vacuum tube

Solar tanks
Flat plate solar collectors Vacuum solar panels Boilers for solar thermal

Save money with solar panels

Saving solar thermal

Un solar thermal exploits the inexhaustible energy of the sun, free and clean. The thermal energy coming from the sun can heat the domestic hot water or integrate the heating systems in the winter months (with boilers, heat pumps, thermo fireplace, etc.).

Completing the plant accumulations carefully designed to minimize heat losses and a control system for optimal management of the energy consumption. 

The solar thermal achieves high efficiency and energy savings.


How do solar thermal systems

operation of solar thermal systems

A standard solar thermal system consists of several elements, each with a specific function. The main components are the collector, which is used to capture solar radiation and convert it into heat energy, and the tank to accumulate the heat generated.

1 Solar panel
2 Radiant panel
3 Heat pump or boiler
4 Backlog

Completing the installation other components, present or not, depending on the type of installation: solar pump, solar controller, expansion vessel, safety valves, etc..


flat solar panelssolar vacuum tubeWhat are the differences of solar thermal

I solar panels Rossato Group allow to obtain high yields thanks to the careful selection of each system component. They differ in two models:

flat solar panels e solar evacuated tube. Both guarantee high energy efficiency. In particular, the vacuum tube panels achieve high yields even in the winter months.

Thanks to a modern and well-kept, solar Rossato Group allows an installation with attractive design and low visual impact.
To allow greater architectural integration, flat plate collectors can be positioned in the recessed tiles.


Heat pump for radiant

Maximum savings with thermal solar panels

The solar panels fit perfectly to the integrated Rossato Group to ensure maximum energy efficiency: maximum savings is achieved by integrating heat pump with high efficiency coupled to a plant for the floor heating.

Indeed, the use of average temperature in 30 ° C in the radiant panels increases both the efficiency of the solar plant that that of the heat pump.

In this way improves the energy efficiency of homes, offices and businesses.


solar thermal panels for hot water

Heat the water with solar thermal panels 

Currently, the technology of thermal solar panels is exploited mainly for the production of sanitary hot water.

The energy produced by the solar system is also used to supplement the heating systems (boiler, heat pump, fireplace, etc.).

Furthermore, a solar thermal system is usable for the heating of swimming pools and other uses, such as in industry, manufacturing process, etc..


Support solar installation

Install solar thermal has never been so easy

The collectors Rossato Group can be installed with ease in horizontal or vertical, flat roof or integrated, and on tile facade.

To further simplify the installation with the product we provide guidelines for proper installation of the system, comply with regulations. Our technical department is available to advise you in the choice of any components to be combined with solar installations.

Organize training courses to empower engineers in the management of customer support.
A technical and commercial service anytime and anywhere will give a definite answer to all requests even during the after-sales.

questions about solar thermal

Common questions about solar thermal

Below you will find answers to common questions about solar thermal systems.
If you do not find the answer to what you are looking for please check at our technical guides for solar.

Otherwise, if you have any questions in particular contact us by filling out the form


Saving solar thermal

How much can I save with a solar thermal system?

A solar system provides a saving for the production of domestic hot water goes from average to 70 90%.
The savings come to a 40% in the combined plants, ie when integrating space heating, as well as the production of ACS.


heat homes with solar panels

Can I heat the house with a solar thermal system?

A big advantage of solar panels is that in addition to the constant production of domestic hot water in spring and autumn and less cold days, a solar system can produce enough heat to help even the traditional systems with radiators.


solar thermal systems with overcast skyThe solar system also works with overcast sky?

Solar collectors of modern design also capture the diffuse light of cloudy days and convert it into heat. 

In particular the evacuated tube collectors have made a rather stable even with bad weather and winter.


Grants for solar thermal

There are no subsidies or tax breaks?

The incentive account thermal recognizes, for plants up to 50 m2, 340 € contribution rate for each square meter of panel installed.

Then you can deduct 65% the entire expenses incurred, if you install in existing buildings. L 'IVA for solar installations is reduced to 10%.


support solar panels

The solar panels are maintenance and how long is the warranty?

The solar panels do not need special maintenance works. The glass smooth facilitate self-cleaning in the rain. Annually you should check the pressure of the circuit, the status of the glycol and the anode. 

The components of a solar system are subjected to strict testing and certification in order to arrive at an average life of system-25 30 years. The solar panels have a warranty of 10 years and for those vacuum is also extended to the break from hail accumulations are covered by 5 year warranty. 


orientation home solar thermal

Where and how to install the solar system?

The prerequisite for a good yield of the solar installation of collectors with exposure to the south and without shading. A move east or west leads to a significant drop in production that you can compensate with an area a bit 'bigger.

For practical reasons, it is preferred to the roof, but it is possible positioning in any place like in the facade, on the terrace, at the railing of the garden, on bus shelters etc..
The inclination can range from 15 90 ° °, high inclinations are recommended for heating integration.

permission to install solar panels


It takes special permits for the installation?

The installation of solar panels is exempted from the submission of the DIA, as it is considered as an extension of the existing plant.
Make sure that you do not just fall in areas subject to historical or environmental significance.

Great advantages with solar thermal

Why choose solar thermal panels Rossato Group?

Each element of which they are composed systems Rossato Group is thoroughly researched and tested by our technicians to ensure a long service life of the plant.

  • More than 40 years of experience in the industry.
  • Savings in operating costs.
  • Emission reduction CO2.
  • Heating, hot water and secured.
  • Production and sales with the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Our sales and service network covers the whole of Italy.
  • We are always available to all our customers.




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