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Simone chose ECOwall Dry's warm and cold ceiling

Radiant ceiling heating and coolingSimone is a Rossato employee, he is a young boy, lover of information technology and convinced that technology helps to live better.

He bought the house and with the ECOwall Dry radiant ceiling system has found the best solution to have heating and cooling in a comfortable, technological and aesthetically pleasing way.

By replacing the boiler with a heat pump he was able to exploit the 65% Ecobonus for energy redevelopment interventions thus halving the cost of the plant and related labor.


Heating and cooling with radiant ceiling system

radiant system and mechanical ventilation< > Simone says <

I wanted an efficient system for both heating and cooling that did not create annoying air movements and that could also be managed by telephone.

Comparing myself with my colleagues, I chose to create an ECOwall Dry hot / cold system with radiant ceiling panels combined with a heat pump and a controlled mechanical ventilation system for air exchange. >>

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Why the radiant ceiling system?

Ceiling heating and cooling<

 I live on the top floor and the plasterboard structure helps to insulate the ceiling more
 The ceiling system leaves all the walls free to arrange furniture, furnishings, paintings, etc.
 The false ceiling is useful for housing all the pipes and I can easily integrate the lighting 
 The installation time is shorter than other systems
 With the ceiling system the masonry works are minimal and consequently the processing and disposal costs are reduced
 The yield in summer is definitely higher than the other systems. >>


Heat pumps for hot, cold and sanitary water

pdc solar roof air inverterThe radiant system is powered by a Air Inverter heat pump 09M positioned on the roof together with the solar thermal panel installed in a vertical position. 

A heat pump water heater was installed to produce domestic hot water Air Combo PRO S connected to the high efficiency FKA solar thermal panel.

In this way, on sunny days the solar panel heats the water in the Air Combo storage, while in the absence of sun, the heat pump integrated in the Air Combo PRO is activated.

In both cases, they will always be available 200l of sanitary water for all family needs.

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Matching the radiant with the VMC

Vmc clima radiant systemTo make the most of the radiant system in terms of comfort but also energy saving, it is good practice to avoid leaving the windows open while it is in operation.

Therefore, to ensure the best operating conditions for the system and at the same time have good ventilation of the rooms without wasting energy and without letting in smog, allergens and noise, the best choice was to install a controlled mechanical ventilation system (VMC).

The VMC allows the continuous exchange of air in the house keeping it healthy and clean and, not only does it not disperse the heat (or coolness) accumulated in the house, but it is also able to recover the thermal energy of the stale air that it expels to the outside.


Smart air conditioning management

Climate control appThe entire home air conditioning system is managed by an intelligent thermoregulation system. Rossato CSC

< Simone explains <
1) living area which includes lounge and kitchen
2) sleeping area which includes the bedrooms and corridors
3) the two bathrooms

Regulating the climate in a personalized way in the different environments allows us to have maximum comfort at any time of the day, without wasting any energy. I will be able to manage my radiant system with a dedicated app, compatible with all mobile devices. I can't wait to say “Hey Siri, raise the temperature in the room”. >>


Ad hoc plant solutions

Single warping radiant systemAs in most modern houses, the house is 270cm high. For this there was not a lot of thickness available to make the implant. 

However, with some small structural adjustments the Ecowall Dry system adapted without problems.

A single frame structure was created in the habitable rooms so as to lower the ceiling by only 8 cm, while in the corridors and bathrooms (where it is possible to reduce the height of the ceiling) it was possible to take advantage of a greater thickness to house the plenums. of the VMC and the manifold of the radiant system.

Perimeter veils in plasterboard have been made to pass both the VMC system pipes and the radiant system delivery and return.


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