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Heat pumps for hotels

Design: Hotel 1200m
Plant for: Heating
Heat pump: AIR MAX MT410
Power term. / Frigor.kW: 72,3
Expected sources: Solar Thermal
City: Caorle-Region:Veneto
Installer: Calor Center snc
Agent / Dealer: Calor Center snc
Designer: Florian per.ind. Peter - Santo Stino Livenza - VE

The plant was built with heat pumps high efficiency for heating and cooling the hotel. The flow temperature, both in summer and in winter, changes as the outside temperature changes with a reduction in the set-point during night operation. The units are of the high-efficiency heat pump type, are equipped with two compressors and have three steps for the partialization of the power supplied, allowing optimal adaptation to the building's thermal load.

The heat pumps are equipped with a partial recovery of the heat to be dissipated in the summer (until 25%), assigning it to preheat domestic hot water; the recovery of this energy, in addition to the reduction of the work of the boiler, allows to improve the energy efficiency of the work of reducing groups ventilatori.Nel winter period, the same piping used for energy recovery, with the aid of switching valves , allow the connection to the boiler that can support groups during heating avoiding the construction of a line specially dedicated with good saving in the construction of the plant.

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