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Hut with solar panels and fireplace

Design: Semi-detached villa 140m2
Installation: Heating + DHW
Heating radiators
Generator: gas boiler
Power term. / Fridge. kW: 24
City: Grone - Region: Lombardy

Other sources provided by the customer: Fireplace stove with firewood
Installer: AL.MA. Patelli of Albertino

The heating system pre-intervention was served by a gas boiler, with significant annual consumption. This led the customer to use the facility in a discontinuous manner. 

The redevelopment involved the installation of a multi-energy accumulation by 600 liters which is heated by 3 flat solar panels FKA (About 7,5 square meters gross floor area) and a wood-burning fireplace 23 kW, which has become the main generator.

In case of need, by means of the control unit HCC5 integrated into the heating unit, the gas boiler adds the missing portion of heat.

The production of sanitary hot water takes place through the station with rapid heat exchanger, which guarantees return temperatures in the lower part of the accumulation between the 25 and 15 ° C; this particular enhances the solar production even in very unfavorable conditions.

The solution has ensured a quick and clean, notably by multi-energy accumulation for the possibility of mounting pre-assembled and pre-wired groups already on the tank.

The customer also has slashed fuel with a significant increase in home comfort.

If you also want to implement a heating system with solar panels or
Contact our area representative in Lombardy

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