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Heating sports pool

Sports center / pool 1000m2
Plant for: Pool heating
Heat pump: AIR MAX MT410
Power term. / Fridge. kW: X 5 83
City: Riano - Region: Latium
Other anticipated sources: solar thermal

The completed project consisted of the construction of a plant with generators air to water heat pump with high efficiency that will:

  • full implementation dell'mpianto swimming
  • maintaining the operating temperature
  • Comparative evaluation of costs and consumption

The system heat pump air-water-efficient choice is compared to a traditional system with generator gas condensing classified ****.

For the evaluation we consider the holding power of 330 KW output for a period of 1000 hours distributed over the heating season: the energy requirements of reference is therefore 330000 KWh. 

Both systems are connected to the plate heat exchanger. For heat pumps, being the 1000 hours spread over the whole winter season, refers to the average winter temperature of 9,7 ° C and a flow temperature of 40 ° C. In these conditions, the units have a COP = 4 and the consumption of electricity is 82500 KWh, for a total cost of 14.850 euro, considering a cost of 0,18 € / KWh. 

In the case of the generator to condensation, since it is supplied with natural gas shall be considered a PCI = 9,5 KWh / mc and a cost of € 0,82 / mc (are considered null and void the loss of generation). In these conditions, for the reference period is a charge of 28.480 euro.

The use of heat pumps translates into a saving of 48%.

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