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Heat pump systems and ceiling

Design: Condominium, 950 m2
System: Risc ACS + + cond.
Radiant: Ceiling
Heat pump: AIR MAX HT407
Power term. / Fridge. kW: x 3 40
City: Civitanova - Region: Walk

Installer: Termoidraulica Jury France
Designer: Studio Ing Pol

In attics, spread over two floors in one of the city's tallest buildings, plants were created for radiant ceiling heating and cooling systems for buildings: a solution that allows the maximum freedom of design both from the architectural point of view and from that of the interior.

- radiant ceiling systems have contributed substantially to enhance the architectural value of the units produced. This is due to the peculiar characteristics of the radiating system adopted is that of modular type, with pipe in AL PE RT 10x1,3 mm modules fastened to special tracks remain under the plaster whose thickness is minimal due to the small diameter of the pipe. The material of the tube allowed to conjugate to the high yields considerable flexibility advantageous for the assembly of the modules in the pipeline and for all the operations of laying.

The individual units are part of a centralized system in which it was planned consumption metering for heating, cooling and domestic hot water. The design of the boiler has been based on the integration of multiple technologies aimed at energy saving.

To cover the heat demand, fridge and hot water was chosen for three air-to-water heat pumps from 40 kW each, in order to concentrate more functionality in one machine and reduce the initial costs. The heat pumps installed on board mounted gas injection compressors that allow to obtain high yields even with unfavorable external conditions (up to-15 ° C).

The maximum temperature reached is 65 ° C to guarantee the production of domestic hot water. The working temperature of the radiant winter reaches maximum 35 ° C so as to ensure a seasonal average COP equal to about 4. Even in the summer air conditioning, the maximum flow temperature of 15 ° C can reach very high EER air than conventional systems.

If you also want to achieve a radiant heating system and heat pump contact our representative in the area in the Marche

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