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Solar panels and underfloor heating

Design: Semi-detached villa 150 m2
Heating + solar thermal
Hot water: Yes
Panels radiantia: Floor
Generator boilers and solar thermal
City: Filago (BG) - Region: Lombardy

Accumulation type: Stratus 1000
Existing installations exploited: radiators
Generators of the customer: wood-fired boiler and gas boiler
Other sources provided by the customer: Heat Pump
Installer: AL.MA. Patelli of Albertino

In this heating plant built in Bergamo, Lombardy are installed radiant floor heating with the help of solar panels and radiators.  
The redevelopment has provided the installation of underfloor heating on the ground floor, keeping the radiator system on the first floor.
The need to manage two floors with different temperatures (floor-to 30 40 ° C and radiators 50-70 ° C) was resolved with the installation of two groups of pumping Climate 4, each of which is set with the work values custom.

Il solar tank Stratus 1000 allows the boiler to work in an ideal way and keeps for a long time that the heat is not used. A small gas boiler is present if the customer did not have a way to load the wood boiler.

The solar thermal system with FKA high-efficiency solar panels guarantees good support for the heating system and the production of domestic hot water. The stratification system allows a fast solar charge. After the heating period, the customer is autonomous for the production of domestic hot water only through solar panels, without using the boiler.

 If you also want to achieve a radiant heating system with solar panels or contact our area representative in Bergamo

Solar thermal panels Lombardy Lombardy floor heating accumulation stratification for saving Lombardy groups-pumping-to-plant

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