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Radiant heating and cooling in a wooden house

Building type: Single family house on 3 floors made of X-Lam wood
Heating / Cooling: Ecofloor radiant floor system G20
Generatore: Air-water heat pump Air Inverter 07m
ACS production: Heat pump water heater Air Combo PRO 300l
VMC: unit Punctual VMC SR50 for every single room
City: Origgio
Region: Lombardy

Construction company: Bioedil
Installer: Thermal water by Massimo Pascuttini
Construction manager: Domenico Battaglia

Description of the system

The heating and cooling system is realized with a floor radiant system combined with one heat pump air to water with inverter. The radiant system has been realized with ECOfloor G20 system: EPS insulation panel with high performance graphite and low inertia liquid screed ensure a very rapid set-up.

Cooling with floor system

Il implant step the floor has been calculated so as to have the highest yield in cooling and at the same time to decrease the delivery temperature in the winter phase (with increase of the COP of the heat pump).

In the phase of cooling summer, the regulation with HCC control unit it acquires the temperature and humidity data in the environment and regulates the circulation temperature at a safety level, always far from the dew point. Environmental values ​​are detected by the Caleon Clima thermostat / humidistat with touch screen interface.

In case of high humidity (over 50%) the control unit operates a Ecodry dehumidifier specific for radiant systems that maintains the ideal hygrometric level in the environment, so as to have maximum system yield and ideal comfort for the inhabitants.

Mechanical ventilation system

The plant system is completed with a high efficiency controlled mechanical ventilation system on time and for a single SR50 room.

Hot water production with heat pump

The domestic hot water is produced with an Air Combo PRO heat pump water heater from 300l in class A +.

Customer experience

"I take care of building houses" - explains Domenico Battaglia, owner of the construction company. "For the plant design I have entrusted the professionalism of the Rossato technicians who have been able to offer me a complete and integrated solution". The synergy between all the professionals involved (the building contractor, the consultant Rossato and the installer) made sure that every phase was taken care of in the smallest detail and "at the moment of the plant start-up everything went smoothly".

"I made the first house with Rossato systems in the 2013. The customer is very satisfied with the radiant system. When in Milan there are -4 ° / -5 ° C outdoors, at home they can be almost short-sleeved, while when there are 35 ° C it feels like being in a mountain house! "- says Battaglia.

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