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Underfloor heating dry low

Underfloor heating dry

ECOFLOOR slim is the radiant system lowered dry for heating and cooling floor.

The radiant panels ECOFLOOR Slim have a thickness of only 18 mm which makes the system especially suitable for the application of existing floors. It 's simple and quick to install and allows you to improve the site logistics.

The low-floor radiant system, as well as being a very good heating system for the winter, it is also the solution for summer cooling. With a single system, low consumption and invisible, you can get saving and comfort in all seasons.

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Quick and easy to install radiant low

It 's easy to install a dry low

The Ecofloor Slim system fascinates with its simplicity of installation. The pre-shaped panels allow the simple and quick laying of the pipe.

The grooves and bosses of the panels are designed to adapt the shape of the radiant circuit to the environment in which it is installed: in this way the laying of the pipe is extremely simplified, even in curves and narrow spaces, such as in corridors and near doors.

Furthermore, the small diameter of the AL-PE-RT multilayer pipe guarantees extreme ease of bending, even in small radii. The accessories that complete the ECOfloor Slim system are designed for a simplified installation that reduces the time and costs of on-site operations.


   10 Simple steps to install a low

Low-floor design Installation of collector Installing perimeter band Installing radiant panels Pipe laying on underfloor heating
Monitoring and verification in the yard of the shares of the building and the floor plan and start system installation. Installation box port manifold and manifold positioned according to the project plan. Laying perimeter band
so that the floor is able to support thermal changes and structural adjustments.
The insulating  after passed the glue at the bottom are arranged all over the floor. Installation of pipes, Starting from the delivery of the collector is wedged between the studs remained fixed on the insulation.
Connecting pipes to the collector Leak test system Leveling floor Try radiant system Installation of radiant floor
Connection to manifold of the return pipe, completing the installation of the hydraulic circuits of each room. Function test to ensure a perfect seal and pressure operation. Leveling the floor skim coat with a layer of a few mm. once after the drying time of the primer. System Test directly from the controller. It also allows you to set temperatures and daily schedules. Laying the tiles
and now .. Enjoy the Comfort system lowered to the floor.



Performance rate of heating and cooling

ECOfloor Slim occupies only 21 mm thick, Excluding the floor and additional insulation.

In addition to the great advantage of the low thickness of the system, the absence of traditional screed gives the system ECOFLOOR Slim a reduced thermal inertia. 

This guarantees a faster response to the regulation, both in heating and in cooling, and a quicker set-up of the system. The result is: more comfort faster.

default low floor installation manual ECOFLOOR Slim


Nothing screed to apply

Save on time and cost of construction

The construction of a plant may be low at first glance more expensive than a standard radiant system.
In fact, the structure of ECOFLOOR Slim with dry screed provides a huge cost savings in construction.

The realization of the traditional screed, in fact, involves long lead times and increased investment in terms of people, resources and costs, without excluding any issues related to the installation. 
Moreover, the drying of the screed can require more than three weeks, resulting in longer waiting for the customer. 

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Where can I install Ecofloor slim?

ECOFLOOR Slim integrates into any architectural environment, from new buildings to renovations, for all sectors such as residential, public buildings, offices and service sectors.

Installation in new buildings

ECOFLOOR Slim is being used in all those applications where loads are required and space is limited.

Buildings under renovation:

The thickness of only 21 mm (excluding floor), making it particularly suitable for ECOFLOOR Slim restructuring accomplishments in lofts or on existing floors.


As is composed ECOFLOOR Slim

To simplify the installation of the lowered system, we have created 4 types of panels, which can be combined together.

Milling linear 

Panel siolante linear

Its structure allows both the drafting of the coils, with linear and curvilinear development, and both the passage of the feeding lines.

Milling rusticated

Insulation panel for radiant system low

With 50 and 100mm pitch useful near the manifold, and in rooms and corridors, where it is necessary to connect numerous pipes in a small space.

For collectors

Collector panel

The short distance between the studs can accommodate a large number of tubes (up to 40) without overlapping or sharp bends.

Additional insulating 

Additional insulating

Is available upon request to have an additional layer of EPS insulation directly coupled to the underside.

 Watch the video of the slab for radiant

The system is simple to install lowered,
in a few days it is ready to be used.

Can be installed in new installations or existing installations.

Watch the video of how it is created, the screed
after the facility is completed.


The other components of the system

Tubing AL-PE-RT

Tube high strength
The tube AL-PE-RT is a tube multicomposito plastic and metal surfaces ideal for systems in radians.
The inner tube is made with a special PE-RT is resistant to high temperatures. 

Ay pipe adapter

Connection fittings
The special Y-joint allows you to connect to each output from the collector two circuits radians. 
The use of joints can reduce installation costs and at the same time the dimensions of the manifold, while maintaining the functionality of the system.   

Modular manifold

Distribution manifold
The newly designed modular manifold, with variable number of outlets from 2 to 18, is connected to the hydraulic circuit, thanks to special push-button fittings and without the need for special tools. System calibration is extremely simplified thanks to the graduated scale on the individual delivery flowmeters.

cassette collectorsCassette collectors
The mounting box is designed to position with ease the distribution manifolds of the radiant systems. Includes Mounting rails collectors and height adjustable feet. 

band perimeter radiantBanda perimeter insulation
The band in polyethylene, placed between walls and the radiant panels, has the function to absorb the expansion of the screed and to obtain a good thermal and acoustic insulation. It 'made of special materials that make it resistant to mold. for finishing
To complete the system a range of accessories and materials required for the proper installation. As the adhesive sealant PU 45 in cartridges, the primer M for existing floors and the powder mixture for finishing leveling.


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ECOfloor Slim and heat pump

Integration with heat pumps

The radiant systems operate with water at low temperature (-25 40 ° C) and are therefore ideals to be integrated with heat pumpscondensing boilers and any technology that takes advantage of renewable energy sources.

The efficiency of a heat pump improves the 25% if combined with a radiating system compared to a system with fan coils, both in heating and cooling.

Its radiant systems Rossato Group adds high efficiency heat pumps and targeted regulation systems, to propose an integrated, complete and high performance plant system.


Advantage and comfort ECOfloor Slim

The comfort of the floor dry

The plant floor heating as well as being a very good heating system for the winter, it is also the solution for summer cooling.

With a single system, low consumption and invisible, you can get saving and comfort in all seasons.  

Each element of which is composed of the radiant system Rossato Group is thoroughly researched and tested by our technicians to ensure a long service life of the plant, Without the need for maintenance.

Advantages of heating with no screed

Make the center with the system low

radiant system the bestQuick and easy installation
radiant system the bestReduced thickness for low profile systems
radiant system the bestWinter heating and summer
radiant system the bestHigh energy savings
radiant system the bestImmediate welfare
radiant system the bestIdeal for renovations
radiant system the bestSafe and reliable over time  

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