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Thursday 26 September 2019 from 09: 00 to 17: 00 
At the Rossato Group



With this course, industry professionals from all over Italy have the opportunity to increase knowledge and skills on biomass systems. The growing need for energy and the prospects of depleting fossil fuels have pushed the market towards renewable energy sources such as biomass.
Pellet and wood generators guarantee energy at low cost, ensuring an economic saving of 80% compared to traditional fuels.

During the training day the wood and pellet generators proposed by Rossato will be analyzed; technical features, advantages, design and installation aspects will be highlighted through a theoretical part in the classroom and practical demonstrations in the company testing area.

The aim of the course is to make the participant autonomous in the design, installation and management of biomass and wood generators to be more competitive in the market.


  • Introduction and market scenario
  • Wood and pellet generators: operating principles
  • Components and construction details
  • Installation: guidelines and practical advice
  • Flues: application types
  • Control unit settings and settings
  • Wiring and examples of electrical connections
  • Biomass generators in integrated plant systems
  • Comustibili: practical tests and fumes analysis
  • Practical demonstrations in the test area

The course is aimed at installers, designers and professionals in the plumbing and heating sector.
There will be a lunch break from 13: 00 to 14: 00 (price included in the participation fee).
The registration fee includes teaching materials, lunch and coffee breaks.

If a company enrolls more participants, the second pays half and third even less!

If you can not make a reservation by credit card or Paypal, fill in the Form for payment by bank transfer.

If you need an overnight stay, contact some hotels in the area.

* Rossato Group reserves the right to confirm the applicants' participation. By way of example, the course is not open to individuals, companies and professionals who do not operate and who do not have experience in the plumbing and heating sector and / or renewable energy.

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