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Heat homeWarm house on the cheap

A good way to warm house on a budget is for radiant systems.

The notable advantage is that a low water temperature of only 30-40 ° is used in the system, compared to the 70-80 ° required in a traditional heating system.

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Heat home

Save on your energy bills!

The average savings that you get from a radiant panel must be between% and 5 30% per year. 

In conjunction with the heat pumps you can get a Save up to 70%, compared to traditional boilers, and an optimal performance of the whole system.


Heating with radiant systems

The diffusion of heat with radiant air conditioning systems occurs mainly by radiation, so the heat is transmitted uniformly, reducing air movements and the movement of dust. 

Integrated energy savingHow to increase fuel economy

The radiant floor system is part of the integrated system Rossato Group: can be combined with extreme simplicity to our systems for energy saving.

Multiply the savings with the system integrated Rossato GROUP 

radiant comfort

Realize your heating and cooling

We take care of everything: sizing, installation instructions, drawings and transportation.

If you do not have a fitter, we will put you in touch with our reliable partner and prepared.

All this to ensure that your radiant system is 100% functional and performing. 

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Great benefits with the radiant system:

  • Aesthetics unchanged
  • Healthy air: no movement of dust
  • Comfortable temperature, even and natural
  • Better use of space for furniture
  • Ability to adjust the temperature in each room
  • Energy saving up to 70% with heat pumps


Heat your home on the cheap with the systems Rossato Group.
Are you interested in a radiant floor system? Make a no obligation quote, You will immediately receive the cost in your email. 

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