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Tuesday 10 April 2018 from 09: 00 to 17: 00
Via Carducci 4 and 6, Larderello, Pisa, IT

Program of the seminar

  • The sources of geothermal heat

  •  Geothermal probes, indications for the calculation

  • Heat pumps for geothermal

  • Applications for heating, cooling and ACS

  • System layout

  • Regulation

  • Economic analysis

What is the Rossato Tour?

Rossato Tour is an itinerant training program that responds to the need of designers and operators in the sector to train themselves in energy efficiency technologies without leaving their own city.

Special Geothermal

The Rossato Tour includes 2 special stages with a focus on geothermal energy.

Rossato, which has always been committed to the development of innovative and energy-saving technological solutions, has recently started a collaboration with the Center of Excellence on CEGLab Geothermal Energy in Larderello.

From the 2016 the Research Center uses a heat pump water / water Rossato ACTEA S HT as a demonstration pilot plant operating in extreme conditions.

Look at the other stages of the Tour

Practical notes:

The seminar is aimed exclusively at installers, designers and professionals in the plumbing and heating sector and / or renewable energy. 

If you can not make a reservation by credit card or Paypal, fill in the Form for payment by bank transfer

The registration fee includes educational material and lunch. 
The overnight stay is at the expense of the participants.

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Rossato Group Srl
Via del Murillo, km 3.500, 04013 Sermoneta LT - Italy
Share capital € 200.000,00 fully paid up - no. REA LT-107494
VAT-CF IT01745300598

Opening Hours
From Monday to Friday
Morning 8: 30 - 12: 30
Afternoon 13: 30 - 17: 30