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At the fair MCE of Milan (13-16 March) Rossato presents Caleonbox and Caleonbox Climate, last born in the Sorel house.

The new Caleonbox Clima allows flexible and economical management of heating and cooling systems. Manages up to 8 zones and allows you to set up custom temperatures in every single environment. Extra functions can be added using programmable contacts, such as controlling the speed of the heating pump, modulating the generator power, managing the climatic curve of a mixed circuit or an alarm function.

Quick and easy installation, intuitive programming

Caleon"Normally for wiring in a house it takes up to an hour with traditional terminal blocks." - says CEO Sorel Jonas Bicher - "With the Caleonbox you save a lot of time" because the colored terminal blocks simplify and speed up the correct assignment of the wires.

The configuration of the Caleonbox is made by touch screen room thermostats Caleon and Caleon Corresponding climate. The Caleon interface is very intuitive and users of any age can set the temperature, choose between the possible modes of operation or customize the time slots very easily.

Cooling with the Clima models


With Caleonbox Clima and Caleon Clima you can manage too cooling systems.
They allow the summer-winter switching of the system, inverting the heat pump cycle or activating an independent cooling unit.

La humidity probe integrated in Caleon Clima allows to calculate the dew point in each zone and to adapt the delivery temperature accordingly, thus preventing condensation.

Management of systems from a single dwelling to a condominium

condominium home settingCaleonbox allows the regulation of complex systems, such as a condominium, by connecting multiple devices via CAN bus. It is also possible to install one climate control unit HCC to adapt the main flow to the actual demand of the building, so that the system provides only the amount of energy needed at that time.

Through the datalogger it is possible to switch on the system of the single apartment or of the entire system and monitor its functioning from a PC.

Caleonbox and Caleonbox Clima will be presented to MCE, 4 Pavilion Stand G08 together with other news concerning heating, cooling, solar thermal and fresh water controllers.

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