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operationThe control unit HCC 6 is used for the control and management of heating and cooling radiant systems in floors, walls and ceiling.



  • Control humidity and dehumidifier
  • Safety function antifreeze
  • Control heat pump for summer cooling.
  • Control heat pump for heating wintry
  • Radiant cooling control with dew point monitoring
  • Buffer for hours without electricity
  • Anti-lock safety feature daily or weekly
  • Statistics and analysis for monitoring the outside temperature and system delivery
  • Setting the minimum and maximum temperature system delivery
  • Block menu can be activated against unwanted setting changes
  • Operation with climatic compensation fixed temperature or temperature set individually for 14 days (eg for drying screeds)


Simplified management unitAssistant commissioning

The first time the unit is set to the language and the time and you can set the controller using the commissioning help.

This function will guide you in the right choice for the function of providing short
descriptions of each parameter in the display. In this way, errors are avoided and the programming is simplified and intuitive.


Simple change of season summer winter

Remote control of the unitThe remote control RC22 with integral room thermostat allows you to control the temperature of the heating and cooling.


E 'integrated with a temperature sensor that is used for humidity control by detecting the relative value of the air

A selector switch allows you to select the depending on summer or winter, Depending on whether the system is connected for heating or cooling. Then turning the knob to set the desired temperature.



Unit in operation

Menu Operation

This image shows the degree and type of operation that is set is displayed on the unit when it is in stand-by mode ie when there is no key input for 2 minutes, or if you exit the main menu by pressing "esc".


Pressing a key in mode graphics or overview takes you directly to menu main.

1. Temperatures Current temperature values ​​with explanations
2.Statistiche Function control of the system with operating hours, etc. ..
3.Orari Hours of operation for the circuit, date / time settings.
4.Modalità operational Operation mode settings for the circuit of heating and air conditioning.
5.Impostazioni circuit Settings for the circuit
6.Impostazioni protection Setting security features like anti-lock braking, anti-freeze, etc..
7.Funzioni special Sensor calibration, remote control, mixing valve, etc..
8.Blocco menu Protection against unintentional changes of the values ​​at critical points
9.Valori service For diagnosis in case of errors
10.Lingue Selecting the menu language













The controller for underfloor heating has characteristics very favorable display the price and details on full specification.

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