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Controller for solar XTDC

It's called XTDC the new unit with a wide range of functions including those of the previous series TDC.

Like all of our units uses the revolutionary system self explaining supported by ' programming assistant that makes greater use.

Thanks to 16 languages selectable and its 42 preloaded paves the way for plant systems and commercial projects are far more extensive.

The use of complex hydraulic systems is made possible only through the activation of additional functions, for example: boiler control integration, management heatsinks, accounting and feature wood-fired boiler / burner.

Il large display and clearly legible, with 128x128 pixel resolution, and the graphic presentation of the hydraulic variants through animated icons ensure a perfect overview of the functions and a completely self-explanatory operating system.


Technical features:

  • Wide range of basic systems with optional additional functions.
  • More protection functions can be activated to ensure a high degree of safety.
  • Clear display and illuminated, without abbreviations texts, graphics and animations.
  • 16 languages ​​already available in the standard version.
  • 42 preloaded.
  • Battery icon and clock.
  • 2 diodes illuminated display.
  • 4 keys-guide with possibility of adjustment, including management programs with contabilizzatore heat.
  • Function control and monitoring of the system due to memory, statistics and analysis.
  • Data storage on Micro SD memory card.
  • Optional Ethernet connection for data backup, remote control and other features



  • 8 temperature sensors PT1000
  • 2 probes for contabilizzatori VFS
  • expansion capabilities for additional probes 3
  • 2 outputs 1 .. 10V or PWM for the management of heat pumps, pumps or switches frequency
  • 2 electronic relays (230V) for speed control of standard pumps
  • 4 on-off relays (230V)
  • 1 clean contact
  • Memory card slot for micro SD
  • Ethernet connection (optional)


  • Accommodation ABS UL94 VO
  • Protection category IP40
  • Protection class II
  • Front space to insert custom label customer
  • Color: RAL 9003 (white)
  • Size: x 228 180 53 mm x

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 The product will be available at our stores from the beginning of March.

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