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Mechanical ventilation ALTAIR:
Air exchange has never been so efficient!

 Commonly the spare indoor air occurs through the opening of the windows.

This simple gesture has, however, some inconveniences, especially drafts and heat loss in cold weather, the entry of pollutants in the ambient air and a possible increase in noise.

With the system of controlled mechanical ventilation ALTAIR you have clean air always without unnecessary heat loss and consequent high costs for heating.

exchanger with high efficiency

    How does the controlled mechanical ventilation

The mechanical ventilation system controlled ALTAIR makes it possible to renew the air in the environment by recovering the heat energy that would otherwise be lost with the exhaust air.

The heart of the system is a ventilation unit with exchanger with heat recovery. Its principle of operation is based on a double air flow: a flow of "stale" air extracted from the inside and a flow of "clean" air input.

The two flows through the recovery unit in which, without any mixing, the exhaust air in output yields heat to 'air renewal in input: in this way the air expelled only disperses the pollutants and not energy.
The fresh air, in addition to being preheated / preraffrescata, is also effectively filtered by pollens and pollutants, contrary to what happens with the opening of the windows, thus ensuring the renewal air actually healthy.

The spread of fresh air in the rooms is "noble" (bedrooms, studies, etc..) While the exhaust air is drawn from the premises more "polluted" (bathrooms, kitchens, etc..) And subject merge into recovery .

The air circulation is entrusted to the distribution system HB +, consisting of ventilation terminals, semi-rigid pipes, fittings and plenum distribution. The system is optimized to guarantee hygiene and flow perfectly balanced in addition to preventing the propagation of noise from one room to another (cross-talk effect). 



Energy Class A guaranteed

VMC ALTAIR: the indispensable system to reach class A


The class energy efficiency of a building is an indicator of his energy consumption for heating, hot water, ventilation, etc..

From very high consumption, typical of a class G, it rises towards class A with an excellently designed building envelope (exposure, insulation, etc.) integrated with a very performing plant system.

To reach the class A is indispensable down losses by ventilation by means of a controlled mechanical system with heat recovery at high efficiency.


The ALTAIR units in combination with the HB + distribution system ensure high efficiency in the whole process of ventilation: High efficiency heat recovery, low power consumption of the fans, low pressure drops of all components.

All complemented by advanced electronics that controls the flow of ventilation on indoor air quality.



comfort ventilation system disorders


Advantages of VMC ALTAIR

excellent ventilation systemContinuous exchange of air
excellent ventilation systemElimination of odors, smoke, moisture
excellent ventilation systemAbsence of air currents and external noises
excellent ventilation systemExhaust air energy recovery
excellent ventilation systemReduce air conditioning costs
excellent ventilation systemExtremely quiet operation
excellent ventilation systemFresh air and preheated preraffrescata
excellent ventilation systemThe higher value of the property


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