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Ducted heat pump inverter

Air Inverter CN, the new ducted heat pump with InverterWill be available from September in six models from 4 kWth to 26 kWth, with power single-phase or three-phase.

Le heat pumps have been designed with the aim to minimize the consumption of primary energy. They offer excellent performance and extended operating limits in heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

Suitable for residential use, commercial activities, services, offices, etc.

The system channeling of the heat pumpThrough modulation of the air flow ejection, reduces power consumption and noise.

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Structure Inverter Ducted

The inverter technology with channeling 

1. Outside air sensor
Depending on environmental conditions, set the ideal temperature curve.
2. Display on the machine
Displaying and setting parameters.
3. Electronic thermostatic valve
Optimizes the operating conditions of the refrigeration circuit.
4. Plate heat exchanger
A large heat exchanger to maximize the thermal efficiency.
5. DC Inverter compressor
Modulates the flow by reducing noise and power consumption of ventilation.
6. DC Inverter Fan
The modular fan reduces noise and fuel consumption.
7. Battery hydrophilic
Maximum heat exchange efficiency and reduced defrost times.
8. Water kit
Housing for the water flow and safety valve 7bar.

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