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Floor heating system ECOfloor Plano

Plano ECOfloor the floor heating system


ECOfloor Plano is the new system of floor radiant heating and cooling Rossato Group.

A compact system that thanks to its reduced thickness can be used in any building and with any type of flooring.

The system of track-laying of the pipe, in direct contact with the screed, improves heat transfer and promotes optimum yield of the system.


A radiant system that guarantees the maximum comfort


radiant system the bestThe insulating panel ECOfloor Plano has a smooth surface coated by a film of aluminized polyethylene that protects the system from moisture.

radiant system the bestThe binary nozzle pipe is installed in a simple and fast by adhering the adhesive to the insulation panel.

radiant system the bestThe structure of the binary interlocking allows a safe anchorage of the pipe.

radiant system the bestThe multilayer pipe is easy to handle and resistant to high temperatures and ensures long-term implant, without the need for maintenance


radiant system the bestThe screed completely surrounding the tube avoiding contact with insulating materials and ensuring an optimum heat exchange and a higher yield of the plant.

structure radiating system plano




  1. Plaster
  2. Skirting
  3. Banda perimeter
  4. Underfloor
  5. Screed additive
  6. Welded mesh
  7. AL PEX pipe
  8. Panel ECOfloor Plano
  9. Binary-holder


The system ECOfloor Plano is simple to install and ensures maximum comfort both in summer and winter.


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