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pompa_di_calore_air_inverterAIR is the new inverter heat pump for heating, cooling and domestic hot water for residential use. 

An advanced high efficiency by exploiting the 75 100% renewable energy. 

These heat pumps are designed using the inverter technology direct current, device capable of varying the frequency of power supply unit.

The inverter technology allows the heat pump to always work at optimum power, with an automatic modulation of the power according to actual needs, ensuring highest quality standards, seasonalIn both heating and cooling.

SCOP (Seasonal coefficient of performance in hot) up to 5,19

SEER (Seasonal coefficient of performance in cold) up to 5,44




Operation of the heat pump inverter 

Dynamic modulation of the operation of the unit in accordance with the needs you significantly reduce the consumption

and ensures high noise in all operating modes.

The careful choice of components has allowed the unit to get AIR inverter

la Class A in the classification of energy efficiency in heating mode, both systems with radiant panels in traditional systems.



Completely made in Italy


range units are Air reverses designed and manufactured in Italy respecting high standards of quality and safety.
Available in five models with different powers.


1 - DC Inverter compressor
     Leveraging the power modulation allows high seasonal efficiency.

2 - Pump inverter high efficiency

     highly energy-efficient circulator in class with electronic control.

3 - Electronic thermostatic valve
     Optimizes the operating conditions of the refrigeration circuit.

4 - Variable speed fans
     Are very quiet and significant energy savings.

5 - Integrated display
     Easy to read and easy configuration of the operating parameters.


Great advantages with the heat pump

Advantages of the pump with inverter


radiant system the best

High yields seasonal 

radiant system the best

High thermal comfort  

radiant system the best


radiant system the best

Considerable savings in consumption 

radiant system the best

Use renewable energy from 75 up to 100% 



Hot water production samitaria

     Production of domestic hot water

The integrated system allows for ACS produce domestic hot water up to temperatures equal to-20 ° C. The temperature of the water produced can reach 60 ° C in summer.

An effective system, which allows the use of the heat pump in any climate and throughout the year, can be optimally adjusted to the configurations with radiant both in new buildings and in the event of restructuring.  



inverter compressor

DC inverter compressor

The DC inverter compressor is the heart of the heat pump.

The inverter technology allows to vary the power supply frequency of the electric motor that drives the compressor, allowing to always operate at reduced power, without however falling below a minimum threshold. 

Thanks to automatic modulation of the output power, the DC inverter compressor provides only the thermal energy required by the system. In this way you avoid frequent switching on and off of the compressor, which reduce the efficiency and undermine the long-term reliability.

Email not stopping the compressor, it is possible to maintain a stable temperature (minimizing fluctuations) and to avoid the consumption of the peak current required each time the compressor.



wilo para

Pump inverter high efficiency

The units are equipped with a series of pump inverter Class A with electronic adjustment. 

The circulator allows the automatic modulation of the water flow rate as a function of the load and losses of load of the system thereby helping to ensure l 'high efficiency unit.



Controlled fans


Fan with adjustable speed

The fans are set not to exceed the 70% of the maximum speed, while keeping available a 30% only used in the case in which the machine will need, such as in the case of very high temperatures. 

This arrangement has been studied for ensure greater savings it's a less noise, Especially in the evening and at night.



Display pdc inverter

Management system with multi-function display

The electronic control with display allows you to harness the energy in the required amount in an efficient manner in accordance with the external conditions and the requirements of the building, automatically managing the operation of the unit.

The integrated display allows to set and display with extreme simplicity operating parameters.

  • Set the set-point water
  • Weather-compensated
  • Time programming
  • Management to summer / winter operation
  • Management auxiliary generator
  • Management of domestic hot water (with optional CMACSX)
  • Managing water flow varies depending on the heat demand (with option GCEC)


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