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r32 heat pump

Rossato presents the new ones heat pumps with R32 refrigerant gas, to guarantee high performance with low environmental impact, in advance of what is required by European regulations.

The objective of environmental policies is to contain by 2050 the greenhouse gas emissions of around 80-95% compared to 1990 and to limit the temperature increase to 2 ° C to prevent undesirable effects on the global climate.

For this purpose, the 517 / 2014 European Regulation prescribes a gradual reduction of greenhouse gases that will lead in 2025 to prohibit the use of gas with global warming potential (GWP *) equal to or greater than 750 in appliances with a refrigerant charge lower than 3 kg.

Looking at the refrigerants currently present in the air conditioning sector, the R32 gas is the one that already meets the European requirements that will come into force in the 2025.

For this reason Rossato chooses to anticipate the market by launching the monoblocks Air Inverter IIAir Inverter II Maxi with R32 gas.

* The Global Warming Potential (GWP) indicates how much a substance contributes to the global greenhouse effect and compares the impact of 1kg of gas with 1kg of CO2 in 100 years.

The advantages of R32 gas

The use of R32 as a pure gas is a novelty, but in reality for many years it has been used in the air conditioning sector as a component of the R410A refrigerant mixture.

Like R410A, R32 gas has an ODP ** value (Ozone Removal Potential) equal to zero: this means that if it is released into the atmosphere it does not damage the ozone layer in any way. However, R32A gas has a much lower GWP index than R410A (675 for R32A versus 2088 for R410A), i.e. a lower environmental impact. 

Furthermore, compared to the R410A, the R32A is a pure gas and not a mixture and therefore it is easier to recover and load and the installer can top up without compromising the composition of the mixture itself. The heat pump that uses R32 requires less refrigerant and its efficiency is higher.
R32 is a safe gas because it has low toxicity and a low level of flammability, which means that in the event of an accidental spillage in a domestic installation, it would not reach a concentration that would trigger the gas.

** The Ozone Elimination Potential (ODP) indicates the harmful capacity of a refrigerant gas against the ozone state present in the stratosphere.

What changes for the installer?

Nothing changes in the installation and in the connections and F-Gas certification (Patentino Frigorista) is mandatory for anyone who performs installations or maintenance on heat pumps.

 Discover the new Rossato heat pumps with R32. 

Heat pump
Air Inverter II

outdoor air pump 2 air inverter

Heat pump with Inverter technology for domestic hot water production, heating and cooling. Available in 5 models with power from 4,7 kW to 16,3 kW.

Heat pump
Air Inverter II Maxi

Maxi inverter heat pump II

Heat pump with Inverter technology suitable for large systems, for heating, air conditioning and DHW. Available in 4 models from 25 kW to 61 kW.

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