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New boilers and pellet stoves high efficiencyVery soon, the new range of units Pellet Rossato Group: new design and efficiency record.

  • Thermostoves
  • High efficiency boilers
  • Multifuel boilers that use any type of pellet.

Completely renovated in aesthetics and improved efficiency, they will be available in different capacities to suit all needs.

Stufe a pellet Circe

A careful and innovative design made it possible to optimize the heat exchange surface as much as possible in order to extract the maximum amount of heat from the fumes. Circe thermo stoves have thus achieved excellent energy efficiency up to 96,71%. Circe is the perfect combination between the simplicity of the traditional boiler and the savings of a high efficiency pellet thermo stove. It can be simply integrated on traditional or new generation systems with radiant panels.

Pellet boiler Ninfa

Thanks to their small size, Ninfa pellet boilers can be easily installed in technical rooms, under stairs, closets, etc. The display allows a simple and intuitive visualization of all the operating phases. The advanced electronics allow automatic operation in relation to the required temperatures and also remote programming for daily or weekly timed switching on and off. Ninfa pellet boilers have been designed to ensure high efficiency and maximum autonomy thanks to the tank with pellet capacity up to 130 liters (59 hours of operation).

Boiler Multi Norba

Multi-fuel boilers can burn any type of pellets and up to 45% of walnut and peanut shells, pelletized pomace, apricot kernels, cherries and olives, corn, etc. Even using alternative fuels, the Norba boiler guarantees excellent performance and ease of use. The automatic cleaning system allows you to keep the boiler clean for 6 weeks before emptying the drawer of dust. It is extremely silent and the tank capacity of 264 kg allows a long operating autonomy. Programming is simple and intuitive.

They are certified boilers and pellet stoves?

Rossato Group pellet boilers and stoves have been subjected to severe and scrupulous TÜV testing and are among the best performing in the international market. The TÜV, neutral body for certification, inspection, testing and testing services, guarantees that our units have constant efficiency and reliability over time.

When will they be available?

The new boilers and pellet stoves Rossato Group TÜV They will be available in the international market from the month of June.

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