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radiant panel systemWe improved a product with exceptional performance.
Il new radiant panel heating and cooling wall and ceiling It is even more performant and simple to install.

The plasterboard panel Ecowall Dry has a full operation in less than 1 now. The plasterboard plate of only 15mm gives the system a very low thermal inertia.

The radiating coils of Ecowall DRY are housed in the plasterboard and not in the insulating layer the advantages of this contact between the drywall and the tube increases by almost 10% the yield of the system.

The power of the panels at low temperature and maximum insulation make ecowall DRY ideal for applications with high energy efficiency.

Installation of plasterboard and easily

The panels ecowall Dry are simple and quick to install with minimal waste pipe.
The geometry and the step of laying of the circuits have been optimized in order to have all the same length: the result is a system easy to balance. The system integrated adductions speeds up the installation and allows you to reach a higher percentage of coverage in terms of the active surface.

  • Hydraulic modules of equal length
  • Fittings pressing axial O-ring
  • Self-balancing circuits up to 6 modules
  • Saving tube with integrated adductions
  • Niches pre-insulated water connections
  • Full operation in less than 1 now
  • Quick response to regulation systems
  • Installatura fast and with minimum waste

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