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Heat pump D1

From July 1 2014 is in force the new D1 electricity tariff for heat pumps

This is a special rate for electricity dedicated to private customers who use electric heat pumps as the sole source of heating their homes.  

How does it differ from regular fares?

The price of electricity for domestic use in Italy depends on three components: 

  • a fixed fee;
  • an amount of power proportional to the power used;
  • a variable amount depending on the actual consumption 

    Current domestic tariffs (D2 and D3) are progressive, meaning that the variable component has an increasing value as consumption increases: in practice, the more it is consumed, the higher the cost per kWh. On the contrary, with the D1 tariff the variable component has a constant price, regardless of the annual consumption.

    -> Calculate the consumption of tariff D1


    Electricity tariff advantageous for heat pumps

    Electricity tariff advantageous for heat pumps

    The D1 is an advantageous rate mainly for customers who have a high annual electricity consumption, as in the case of those who own a heat pump. A heat pump electricity, in fact, while ensuring global energy efficiency, naturally consumes more electricity than, for example, to a gas boiler.

    Currently who has a heat pump for heating and air conditioning prefer to install a second dedicated counter (BTA rate for different uses)

    The rate BTA has, as the D1 a constant cost per kWh consumed, but the fixed fee is often out of proportion to consumption. Not be overlooked, moreover, the cost of installation of the second counter which on average is around € 800.

    In general, the convenience of the new tariff D1 is greater for those who have supply contracts with power values ​​committed than 3 kW.


    Comparisons of old and new electricity tariffs for heat pumps

    Comparing the cost of electricity per kWh using the different rates, it is evident that the saving the electricity tariff D1 reaches the 35% compared to the rate D3.

    The D1 is even cheaper than the D2 with BTA on counter dedicated to the heat pump. This saving is more visible if we consider the global consumption throughout the year.

    Graph comparing energy rates D1

    In the following example, it was estimated consumption 2600 kWh for domestic uses (lighting, appliances, etc.) and 4200 kWh for the heat pump, for a total of 6800 kWh in a year.

    Annual cost rate D1


    Assessing the total consumption in a year, it is clear that the user adheres to the saving rate compared to D1 D3.
    However, the D1 is more advantageous also with respect to D2 counter dedicated to the heat pump (BTA).

    This stems from the fact that the rate D1 is applied to all utilities, not just those of the heat pump, as is the case with the BTA. It follows that the overall electricity consumption of users has a lower cost and stable with D1.

    The heat pump is therefore a prerequisite to take the rate D1, but the savings resulting also involves all other consumption.

    In fact, if you add fuel such as those arising from induction cooktops or to recharge an electric car, the customer is not subject to the penalty for the progressive rates typical of the plans D2-D3.

    How much you save with the electricity tariff D1?

    For the new electricity tariff experimental D1 for heat pumps, the cost is about 0,23-0,24 € per kWh compared to the current progressive rates D2 - D3 that, for typical consumption with heat pump, ranging from a 0,24 0,35 € per kWh (the costs are all inclusive).

    -> Calculate the consumption of your electricity tariff D1

    How to join the D1 rate for heat pumps?

    La application for membership must be submitted to your provider of electricity (eg. Enel) from 1 2014 July and by December 31 2015. 

    Such as heat pumps are compatible with the D1?

    Heat pumps Rossato Group, with which you can make use of the rate D1 are:

    Useful information about heat pumps

  • Calculate the savings of the heat pump compared to a boiler.
  • Participate in a course on heat pumps
  • Request more information about heat pumps
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