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Geothermal pump Actea maxiFor all customers who have purchased the Rossato Group heat pump with more than 3 kg of fluorinated gas, it is mandatory to submit the F-Gas Declaration.

In accordance with the:
Presidential Decree no. Of January 43 27 2012 - Regulation implementing the Regulation (EC) No. 842 / 2006 on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases. In particular art. 2, comma2 is defined figure Operator. For the Statement F-Gas reference is art. 16, 1 paragraph.

Legislative Decree. N. Of March 26 5 2013 - Discipline penalties for breaching the provisions of Regulation (EC) No. 842 / 2006 on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases. In particular, they highlight the art. 6 (breach of obligations under Article. 6 of Regulation (EC) n. 842 842 / 2006 regarding the transmission of information) and Art. 11 (Procedure for the application of administrative fines)

Statement F-Gas ways and times

Who is obliged to make a statement?
The threshold value for determining whether a fixed equipment is included in the scope of the declaration is fixed at 3 kg of fluorinated greenhouse gas.
E 'can easily check the condition of military service on the label affixed to each individual machine Rossato Group.
When should be submitted?
The F-Gas Declaration must be presented every year, by 31 May (2015 for data reference are those of 2014, 2015 so for units installed in the first statement to be made by May 31 2016), even in the absence of changes or interventions on the equipment. So this is not to update the Declaration passed last year, but to produce one new.
Who must forward the statement?
The obligation of transmission Statement F-Gas is required to bear. The Operator, since it can match the simple owner of the equipment / systems, does not mean that it must necessarily be a firm installation / maintenance or a person / company registered with the Register of art. DPR of 8 43 / 2012 or holding a certificate in art. DPR of 9 43 / 2012.
Who is the operator that transmits the declaration? 
Regarding the identification of the operator the relevant legislation mean that the owner of the equipment or system is considered operator if it has delegated to a third party effective control over the technical functioning of the same.
Furthermore the actual control over the technical functioning "of equipment, or of a plant includes, in principle, the following elements:
  • free access to the system, which makes it possible to supervise its components and their functioning, and the ability to grant access to third parties;
  • control over the operation and management of the ordinary (eg, make the decision on and off);
  • power (including financial power) to decide on technical modifications (for example, the replacement of a component, installation of a permanent leak detection system), the change in the quantity of fluorinated gases in the equipment or in 'installation, and operation of controls (for example, the leakage checks) or repairs.

So if the owner of the equipment or system has fully delegated to an outside company (via a written contract of routine maintenance or support and consulting) effective control of the equipment or system, transmission of data contained in the declaration It must be made from the above mentioned company. In all other cases, the operator is the owner, the fact remains that the owner may delegate (written authorization) to third parties the completion of the declaration (see "reference person").

The contact person is a useful contact which require clarification on data reported. The contact person can be, for example, an employee of the company that is how operator, or who has received a delegation from the operator for the completion of the declaration (eg. Independent auditor association; maintenance company, etc. ). In the "Contact person" you can also specify the data of the owner of the equipment when it is different from the operator

How to make the statement F-GAS?

In order to compile and transmit one or more statements F-Gas, the user must first register on the portal and, after obtaining the credentials, making access to the system.

  • SubscribeUser registration is required the first time you access the Platform; after obtaining the credentials they always apply also to subsequent years.

  • Access the system - You log on with your credentials to the work area, where it is possible, fill the / the Declaration / i, and validate them for their submission.

For the purpose of Notice of the declaration under dell'art.16, paragraph 1, the DPR 43 / 2012 2014 referred to the year, They have the instructions for filling the declaration, together with the 'date list of substances to be considered for the purpose of the declaration.

We recommend that you complete and submit the F-Gas Declaration by May 31 for all those Rossato Group units installed (before January 1, 2015), for which you are maintenance technicians and therefore Operators.

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