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Reduced training coursesIn a constantly changing world we can not afford to remain firm on our skills. A company that does not update is out of business. This is especially true for companies operating in sectors with a high technological content.

If on the one hand it is necessary to acquire "technical-operational" skills strictly connected to the core business and therefore to the core of a specific activity, on the other hand the best performances depend in large part on "soft skills", ie transversal and intangible skills. such as the awareness of their knowledge and skills, the organization of work, the ability to decide and work independently and in harmony with a team.

Istat has recently published a report on vocational training in Italian companies, based on data referring to 2015 and comparing them with previous years 10. A positive result emerges from the survey: 60,2% of companies with at least 10 employees carried out professional training in 2015 (+ 5% compared to 2010, even + 28% compared to 2005).

However, there are still many people who think that daily work practice is sufficient to acquire all the skills necessary to perform the activities better. According to the Istat report, 74% of Italian companies believe that training is not necessary because their staff is already qualified while the 13% considers the costs of vocational training too high. 

At Rossato we are convinced that, especially in our sector, training on new technologies is essential to stand out from the crowd and continue to compete on the market.

This is why, again this year, the Rossato Academy offers a full schedule of courses and seminars for all professionals working in the plumbing and heating sector. Consult the calendar of technical courses

Rossato training

Rossato Academy: why?

According to us, training is a fundamental lever to increase business, a strategic tool for professional growth and at the same time to retain customers and partners through mutual knowledge.

Our courses are attended by companies from all the Italian regions that differ in size, organizational styles and ways of approaching the market. The training days are a privileged environment for them to meet and discuss where to share knowledge, values, behaviors and strategies. . 

One of the goals of the Rossato Academy is to create a network of excellent partners. We aim to enhance the professionalism of each one by offering them technical skills, together with commercial ones, to be more competitive with respect to the ever-changing needs of consumers.

What do you think those who attend the Rossato Academy? 

We have collected some opinions and impressions of those who participated in our technical courses. Here are some answers: 

Massimo, plumbing and heating installer - Varese
"Construction and plant engineering have reached a high technological level and to keep up with it, we can no longer think as we did before. We are no longer simple "plumbing", we must be "technicians".

Ivan, renewable energy operator - Chieti
"Nowadays there is more and more demand for qualified personnel able to explain to the final consumer how to combine comfort and energy saving."

Danilo, commercial consultant - Chieti
"I recommend the Rossato courses to all installers who are stuck with obsolete and outdated technologies. Here they will find new technologies, they will know them in detail and they will understand how to sell them and manage to explain to their customers the advantages .... That are many "

Massimo, installer, retailer - Lombardia
"The Rossato courses have allowed me to gain more awareness and more confidence when I propose solutions to my clients."

Take part in the Rossato technical courses

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