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Example of an application in a sports field

Overheating and frost are the most common risks of solar thermal systems, but they are largely overcome by an emptying system.

In 'solar emptying, when the set temperature is reached or when there is no longer sufficient heat in the collector, the pump stops and the heat transfer fluid present in the solar panels automatically flows into a tank by gravitational fall. Emptying also takes place in the case of systems that are off or at rest, during the night, in the event of low irradiation or during system maintenance.

Operation solbox

The advantages of emptying technology are many:

  • Reduced maintenance. The heat-carrying fluid does not stagnate in the manifolds so there is no risk that it will freeze or deteriorate.
  • Long life of the solar system. The emptying of the manifolds avoids risks of high pressure, water hammering due to steam, corrosion and contamination of non-return valves and pumps.
  • Energy saving. When the system is stationary, it is not necessary to dispose of excess energy, therefore the electrical energy normally necessary for cooling the system is not used.


Emptying system for sports facilities

Rossato proposes the Solbox solar system, particularly suitable for accommodation facilities and sports centers.
One example is the system installed at a sports center in the province of Naples.

"I was a little skeptical about emptying solar systems." - says the technical director of the installation company. "I had seen some time ago and they seemed complex to design and install.
Last year during an update course organized by Rossato I realized that the Solbox solar system was right for me. "

Campio calcium solar plant

In the sports center, a Rossato solar system was installed to empty 12 square meters. The system currently serves 8 showers, but is already prepared for a subsequent expansion.

In this type of installation the use of the solar system is rather discontinuous and, especially during the summer, the risk of overheating is very high. In fact, during the summer, due to the excessive heat the use of the field is almost nil and consequently the plant is often stationary.

Discover the advantages of the Rossato emptying systems

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