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From today, Rossato offers you maximum peace of mind with the Super 5 Guarantee.

By purchasing an Integrated System including start-up
you will have 5 years warranty on all components.

What does the 5 Super Warranty offer?

Rossato 5 contract warranty years

If you purchase a "Rossato System", the Super Warranty covers technical assistance for 5 years from commissioning, and you can have:

  • Free original spare parts *
  • Labor without additional costs
  • Repairs at no additional cost
  • No right to call in case of warranty intervention
  • CAT intervention within 48 hours from the opening of the ticket ** 

The Super 5 years warranty is valid for all Rossato Systems purchased starting from 1 May 2019 and for which the start-up service has been purchased.

* Excluding consumables and items subject to deterioration, such as spark plugs, magnesium anodes, gaskets, etc. and in any case all products not supplied by Rossato. 
** from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays

Rossato technical assistance

What is meant by "Sistema Rossato"?

A Rossato System is a plant that
includes at least one Rossato "machine", namely:

  • Hot / cold heat pump of the Air Inverter II series
  • Air Combo series sanitary water heat pump
  • Pellet / wood generator of the Ninfa, Circe or Tiberia series
  • Solar thermal system
  • Instant water station of the Aqualda series
  • Mechanical controlled ventilation system of the Altair series or dehumidifier of the Ecodry CN REC * series

* with air distribution system designed by Rossato.

How to activate the Super Warranty 5 years?

warranty red brochureActivation of the 5-year Super Warranty is free. You will only have to:

  • Make sure that the starter and warranty extension package is included in the supply.
  • Enter into a scheduled maintenance contract with an authorized Technical Assistance Center (CAT) Rossato.

For example, by purchasing a fan coil unit combined with a heat pump, the fan coil and all components of the Rossato brand system will also be guaranteed for 5 years.

  default Download the Super Warranty Rossato Brochure

Entrust your installation to a professional

Why subscribe to a scheduled maintenance plan?

scheduled maintenance

Precise adjustment and correct maintenance of the air conditioning and domestic hot water systems allow us to significantly reduce consumption and with them also the expense we incur to make them work. System maintenance is a legal obligation, but there are at least 5 other good reasons to have your system checked periodically. If you do a good maintenance, your system: 

  • Lasts longer 
  • It works better 
  • Does not leave you cold in winter (or warm in summer) 
  • Consume less 
  • It really makes you save

planned maintenance planWhat does the planned maintenance plan include?

The scheduled maintenance plan can be stipulated with a Rossato authorized Technical Assistance Center (CAT) at the time the system is started and includes: 

  • A general check of the operation of the system every year 
  • Two checks a year, in the case of combined heating and cooling systems 
  • Ordinary maintenance of appliances, including cleaning 
  • Energy efficiency report 

Where do I find the most suitable service center for me?

scheduled maintenance cost

To learn more about the scheduled maintenance plans, ask the authorized Rossato Technical Assistance Center during the first start-up of the plant or visit the site
to find the Rossato Service closest to you. 

I Rossato Service are the Technical Assistance Centers selected and trained by Rossato to offer you a prompt and professional service. You can contact them for any maintenance or technical assistance on all Rossato products.

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