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Stoves and pellet boilers for heating

Boilers wood pellet stoves

The new stoves and pellet boilers are fully compatible with the other components of the system Rossato Group: can be installed in conjunction with solar, To heat pump Air Combo and to Radiant systems

Circe is the stove and Ninfa the pellet boiler: two practical solutions for replacing old gas and diesel systems. It offers significant cost savings over time (up to 40%). Advanced electronics allow integration with all systems, both new and existing.

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pellet feed system

Sicuro Sistema di caricamento pellet

Circe Nymph and are equipped with a innovative system of pellet feed

This revolving closure system allows you to accurately dose the quantities of fuel introduced into the combustion chamber. 

Its safe operation prevents the machine from blocking during the pellet loading phase, also improving the safety of the system, as the combustion chamber is hermetically closed in all its phases, excluding the backfire. With this technical measure, the entire heating system is more stable and the boiler much cleaner and more silent. 


smoke pellet stoves

High heat exchange with the flue

Furnace boilers and pellet stoves have also been optimized.

In order to achieve optimal performance, in addition to the heat of the fire, new boilers and pellet stoves also benefit from the fumes produced, thus having an extraordinary yield.

 The fumes coming from the combustion chamber to pass through the pipes for the heat exchange releasing their heat.

Upon reaching the top, the fumes bounce on the lid of vermiculite and channel it back to the other pipes by releasing it to the last layer of heat. The accumulated heat is transmitted to the ducts and used to heat or to produce hot water.

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boiler cleaning handle

Cleaning system efficient

The boilers and heaters have been designed by taking technical precautions to ensure a simple and effective cleaning of the tubes and maximum boiler efficiency avoiding costly maintenance interventions.

By moving the handle (removable) positioned above the stove, the springs run down the exchange system and remove easily any residual soot from the walls of the ducts.

The soot falls then the collection tank located behind the ash tray and can be removed with a vacuum cleaner.


cleaner brazier

Boilers with self-cleaning brazier

The new Ninfa model is standard equipped with patented self-cleaning burner.

The automatic mechanism ensures perfect cleaning of the brazier at startup of the boiler, ensuring a good ignition. 

In this way, it is not necessary to empty the burner every day, but only every 700 / 1000 kg of pellet burnt. The self-cleaning system also improves the boiler efficiency as before the burner returns to the burner, always keeping the combustion conditions optimal. 


saving stove pellets

Big energy savings with the pellet

Rossato Group pellet systems are an excellent solution for both energy saving and environmental protection. They allow you to take advantage of local or government incentives that make them even more convenient.

With the pellet stove or boiler you can save up to 70% compared to traditional heating systems and improve the quality of the system.

It is an excellent investment that can save a lot over time and with amortizable costs of the product over a period of even a year.


graphic cost fuels

 The convenience of pellets

In the next chart shows the energy costs of various fuels; the pellet is by far the cheapest!

The killing of the bill with respect to methane reaches a 40%, while compared to diesel and LPG, the savings can be up to a 70%.

Circe pellet stoves are suitable for heating sanitary water and for heating with high energy savings; if you want to know more about this product, receive a quote or a visit from one of our officials, immediately fill out the contact form.


stove radiant heaters

The pellet combined with radiators and radiant

Stoves and boilers can be used in any type of plant, such as replacing traditional boilers, or in newly constructed plants.

They are suitable for heating systems with heaters: they can heat the heaters in a few minutes allowing for remarkable energy and economic savings. 

The combination of the Circe stove with radiant panel heating systems is also very simple and allows for comfort and savings in the winter.  folder Manuals and technical biomass


Solar pellet

Conjunction with solar panels

The integration of the pellet plant with Rossato Group solar thermal is an excellent plant solution, both for the production of domestic hot water as heating integration.

On sunny days in winter, the sun gives heat input to the stove and reduces the operation, allowing a longer autonomy of the pellets.

During the summer, the hot water can be produced entirely by solar energy, thus preventing the ignition of the pellet stove.

And 'possible to use a single storage tank is connected to the solar stove.


biomass comboThe heat pump for wood pellets

The combination of pellet generators with the water heater in heat pump Air Combo it is a simple and intelligent solution.

In winter, the stove can heat the Air Combo storage. In summer and in mid-seasons, hot water can be produced by Air Combo, without the need to turn on the pellet stove.

The Air Combo's heat pump automatically replenishes the hot water in the storage tank if necessary. Air Combo has a contact for a double set point that automatically manages its shutdown in case of heating.

Features mechanical ventilation


  • LCD display with auto-diagnosis system
  • Cleaning system fast
  • Electronic control of the combustion
  • Power modulation from 100% to 15%
  • Hydraulic kit already mounted on board 
  • Ease of installation
  • Integration with existing systems
  • 7 years warranty

Comfort hot water with solar heat build-up

Save now on home heating

radiant system the bestThe pellet is inexpensive, easy to find, and not dirty
radiant system the bestAutomatic loading of the pellet 
radiant system the bestReduced heat loss to a minimum
radiant system the bestCombination with radiators and underfloor heating
radiant system the bestAuto power-on the basis of need
radiant system the bestVery little maintenance
radiant system the bestHigh energy savings


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