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Inertial stratified tank


Combined tanks

Inertial stratified accumulations of PS and PSR series allow to store thermal energy to meet withdrawals characterized by varying trends without this has repercussions on the performance of heat generators.

They are combined tanks suitable for the production of sanitary hot water, with the external heat exchanger, and inertial accumulation for the heating system.

They can be connected to central heating systems, solar systems with forced circulation and fitted with further integration systems.

This tank increases system capacity and improves the durability of refrigeration equipment connected to it by reducing the number of starts of the same machines.

PS PSRTechnical features

The innovative solar storage PS - PSR
It offers very high returns thanks to its componentistiche performance.

- Internal tank in carbon steel untreated
- Septum layering
- Isolation coppella PU Rigid
- Covered with colorful sky
- High number of possible hydraulic connections
- Exchanger coil fixed lower (PSR)
- Large lower coil carbon steel (PSR)

accumulation pdcAccumulations inertial and heat pumps

The generators in the heat pump must always be combined with inertial storage tanks to reduce power cycles and ensure high SCOP.

To take advantage of the heat pumps with a COP higher must be used terminal units in low temperature and you have to lower the production of DHW temperature.

The PS and PSR accumulations allow combining the inertial volume and DHW into a single reservoir and with the many attacks can enter hot water to different levels depending on whether the heat pump is working in heating mode or hot water.

solar storagesolar systems with inertial storage tanks

The energy of solar heating systems can be exploited both for the production of domestic hot water and for heating integration.

These plants require generous exchange surfaces to the coil as occurs in the PSR accumulations.

To increase the yield of solar systems is important to maintain good stratification of the water in function of its thermal level: the attacks of the PSR accumulations along with the presence of the stratification septum make it possible

pellet accumulationAccumulations inertial and biomass generators

The heat generators with biomass produce thermal energy for heating and for hot water.

Depending on the operation of the generator type can be discontinuous and the presence of accumulation reduces power cycles ensuring high seasonal average returns.

The accumulation volume required depends on the type of the power generator, automatic or manual type, but it is never less than 20 l per kW rated power of the generator.

Features and Models

Capacity Serpentine
less m2
water content
SERP. lower the
PS 500 489 l - - 95 ° C
PS 800 732 l - - 95 ° C
PS 1000 1000 l - - 95 ° C
PS 1500 1449 l - - 95 ° C
PS 2000 2054 l - - 95 ° C
PS 3000 2959 l - - 95 ° C
PSR 500 489 l 1,8 10,4 95 ° C
PSR 800 732 l 2,6 14,6 95 ° C
PSR 1000 1000 l 3,8 14,6 95 ° C
PSR 1500 1449 l 3,8 21,6 95 ° C
PSR 2000 2054 l 3,8 21,6 95 ° C

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