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Stratified solar tank


thermal storage

Stratus' ssolar stratified tank suitable for use with solar panels, allows rapid availability of solar heat and ensures maximum use in all seasons.

It allows easy integration with all heating systems ensuring long reserve of domestic hot water with maximum energy savings.

Stratus can be combined with different generators, boilers or gas stoves, pellet or diesel, but its performance is optimized to the maximum in combination with heat pumps and solar systems.

By connecting the Stratus to a solar system you can get hot water after only minutes 30.

stratusTechnical features

The innovative solar storage Stratus offers very high returns
thanks to its componentistiche performance.

- Insulation thickness: 125 mm
- Attacks siphoned
- Particularly suitable for heat pumps
- Easy integration into all heating systems
- Maximum energy savings for hot water and heating
- Availability of water with rapid charging function from above
- Low heat loss thanks to high-performance insulation system
- Optimal water hygiene with the system in combination (optional)

Hot water stratification perfected in 30 min

Solar hot water in 30 minutes

Thanks to the system of stratification induced, the temperature quickly stratify upward reaching the maximum of the energy performance. The heat coming from the solar collector heats the water in the stratification tube (or ski tube) And immediately it activates the stratification.

The reduced volume of laying pipe or riser tube (<0,5l) allows a rapid rise of water heated by the sun so that the hot water in the upper layers is immediately available for withdrawal through external station ACS.

Lo solar exchanger It is positioned on the bottom of the tank, in the coldest part. The cold water is thus "pulled" through the heat exchanger and heated in countercurrent

Speed ​​of stratification storage tank

Stratification to save

The layering system creates stable temperature zones in the accumulation
lo top layer It is heated quickly and is ready for picking;
la central, At intermediate temperatures, it prevents continuous switching of the additional source (boiler, heat pump, etc.), saving energy;
lo lower layerAt low temperatures, ensure adequate Dt for the solar plant exploitation, even with low irradiation (winter months and cloudy days).

Features and Models

Capacity Sup vacuum manifold Sup flat plate collector Max Operating Temp
Stratus 800 800 l 7 ÷ 15 8 ÷ 15 90 ° C
Stratus 1000 1000 l 7 ÷ 15 8 ÷ 16 90 ° C

Stratus buffer tank

DHW toilet

For the production of sanitary hot water, the Stratus is connected to an external station ACS that ensures water heated instantaneously, then always cleaned and with the maximum energy savings. With the station ACS instant, moreover, the return to the puffer it is very cold (between 15 and 30 ° ° C) and in this way increases the solar yield.

  • Isolation of high thickness 12,5 cm
  • Attacks optimized for heat pumps
  • Adjustable feet for floor standing
  • Exchanger stratification for high yield
  • Preparation station with ACS snapshot

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