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Inertial storage tank for cold water


Compact refrigerated water inertial accumulationL'inertial cooled water tank it allows an easy and abundant production of water for every type of service. It can be connected to centralized plants, forced circulation solar systems and equipped with additional integration systems.

This tank increases the ability of the system and improves the duration of the refrigeration machines linked by reducing the number of starts of the machines themselves.
It 'available in various models to 80 1500 liters.

Features of the tank:

  • Threaded F.
  • Storage tank made of carbon steel
  • Insulation with anti-condensation function
  • high resistance to vapor diffusion
  • For residential and tertiary applications
  • Maximum working temperature: 95 ° C
  • Maximum working pressure: 6 bar

Accumulate pdcThe buffer tank for the heat pump

Inertial storage tanks are designed to be combined with heat pumps. Heat pumps need long operating cycles to get good yields and long life of the compressor.

The buffer tanks are coated so as not to create condensation during the summer production of chilled water.

Accum gen biomassThe buffer tank for generators pellet

The buffer tank can be used in combination with biomass boilers, and has the function of storing large amounts of heat produced by the continuous combustion of the entire fuel charge injected into the generator.

The inertial storage chilled water has the ability to accumulate water heating comes from several sources, especially discontinuous ones such as boilers and pellet stoves.

Features and Models
Capacity Isolation Energy efficiency class *
AR 80 80 l PU rigid 50 mm C
AR 100 100 l PU rigid 50 mm B
AR 200 200 l PU rigid 50 mm C
AR 500 500 l PU rigid 50 mm C
AR 800 800 l PU rigid 50 mm -
AR 1000 1000 l PU rigid 50 mm -
AR 1500 1500 l PEXL + PU 20 + 100 -

* European Regulation N. 812 / 2013 - European Regulation N. 812 / 2013

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