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rings to separate air

Dirt and air separators

The dirt separators and air separators clean your system from dirt, or air, improving the yield and stability of the entire hydraulic system.

Available in different types and of different sizes to fit any type of plant.

Vertical air separatorVertical air separator

Vertical air separator to separate the microbubbles in the works. The technology that avoids rings inside the plant there are no air particles that impair the flow and therefore the output of the system.

Deaerator verticalVertical microbubble air separator

This model can be installed vertically, the different arrangement of the fittings of the vertical does not diminish the effectiveness of disaereatore but it still provides good air elimination.

Horizontal air separator

Horizontal air separator

Deaerator to separate microbubbles in your system. Allows that in the plant there are no air particles. It is installed in horizontal, available in models from 3 16,5 42 to Kvs m3/ H.

dirt separatorDirt separator

The dirt, great accessory to remove impurities present in each plant. In this way the whole system is more stable and long-lasting. Available in models from 3 16,5 42 to Kvs m3/ H.

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