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Data logger connection units


data logger

The data logger is linked to climatic and solar control units.

It can be used to store the internal SD card all data related to the plant to allow the units to be managed via remote thanks to the integrated Ethernet port.

The system is completely plug & play, the connection is very simple and does not require special technical skills, you only need to connect the router using a network cable and run the software on your PC or mobile device.

  • Viewing via software or remote system as temperatures and statistics.
  • Intervention on the room temperature, and boost comfort activate vacation mode.
  • The installer or via software engineer may be able to set the parameters to the control units.
  • The data is stored on a microSD card to be analyzed.

LHCC remoteremote connection with Data Logger

The control units can be connected directly to the data logger via CAN-bus interface for remote management of the system.

The software for the management of the control units

The data logger is supplied with a license to access via browser
also available for mobile devices that enables remote control of the system.
Data logger software

The software allows you to:

  • View of the heat produced statistics.
  • Display error messages, messages on the probe in use and relay values.
  • Check the heat produced by the solar system in kW.
  • Check the set point of the flow temperature.
  • Select the 4 programs: automatic, comfort boost, holiday mode and switch off the system.

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