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Automatic pellet boiler


Norba car cleaner boilerNORBA is the pellet boiler with self-cleaning multipellet which provides a great energy savings.

The advanced electronics allow automatic ignition reducing consumption. The boilers are able to burn any type of wood pellets and materials up to 8 mm in diameter. Even using alternative fuels, if mixed with 40% with pellets, Norba guarantees the same excellent performance and ease of use.

The pellet boiler Norba can be installed in new systems, or in place of the old boiler.

Install the pellet boiler with traditional radiators speeds up the time of heating radiators saving energy. The savings are even greater by combining the boiler with a radiant system. Fill out the contact form.

  • Efficiency> 91%
  • TUV
  • Fully automatic
  • Modern and elegant design
  • LCD display with self-diagnosis system
  • Electronic control of the combustion
  • Plug & play system, all already prepared
  • Power modulation from 30% to 100%
  • Incentives of 65% for income tax deduction / IRES
  • Large capacity feed hopper up to 221 kg
  • Automatic cleaning with scrapers pushrod
  • Circulator, expansion vessel, safety valve and electronic anticondensing

Fumi Norba

High heat exchange with the flue

In order to obtain an optimal yield, Norba exploits not only the heat of the fire but also the one produced by the fumes, thus having an extraordinary yield.

The fumes coming from the combustion chamber to pass through the pipes for the heat exchange releasing their heat.

Once at the top the fumes bounce on the cover of vermiculite and are channeled back on other pipes releasing until the last layer of warmth.

The stored heat is transmitted to the conduits and used for heating or for the production of sanitary hot water.

Automatic Norba smoke cleaningEfficient cleaning fumes

The boiler has been designed by adopting technical measures to ensure a simple and effective cleaning of the tubes to ensure maximum efficiency by avoiding costly maintenance.

Unlike the other models, Norba has an automated system that puts springs in motion that easily remove any soot residues from the walls of the ducts.

Soot once scraped from the walls fell in ash drawer.

Norba internal automatic cleaningAutomatic cleaning of the boiler

A detail that differs from other Norba pellet boilers besides cleaning fumes is the internal system of automatic cleaning that maintains the performance during the season.

In the compartment below the pellet tank is accommodated a piston which actuates the scraper on the base of the burner, removes the ash and the unburned from the grid of the brazier.

The ash removed falls into the collection tray so that the burner remains clean and avoiding blocks of ignition failure.

With this system the boiler does not require daily cleaning and troublesome maintenance. To clean the boiler Norba only just empty the removable drawers each 4-6 weeks.

sensors pelletsLarge reservoir safe and controlled pellet

Il secure system of the pellet feed closing swivel, it allows to dose in a precise manner the amount of fuel released into the combustion chamber.

Its operation prevents the machine to be block during the pellet loading, improving also the safety of the system, in that the combustion chamber is hermetically closed in all its phases excluding the backfire. With this technical measure all the heating system is more stable and the boiler much more clean and quiet.

In the tank there are two sensors optical that indicate the fuel level and in case of lack pellet trigger an alarm on the LCD display.
The large tank capacity of up to 221 kg of fuel allows for a great range of heating.

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