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Pellet Stoves


circe pellet stoveCirce is the new Pellet heating stove hydro which represents a practical solution for new plants and the replacement of old systems with natural gas, diesel and LPG. It provides a significant cost savings on fuel consumption (up to 70%).

The advanced electronics allows integration with all plants, both new and existing.

Small and compact, it can be installed in small spaces; It is already ready for use and can be connected directly to 'plant termosifoni. The materials of construction make the stove Circe resistant to high temperatures, avoiding phenomena of deformation or corrosion.

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  • Efficiency up to 97%
  • TÜV certification
  • Modern and elegant design
  • LCD display with self-diagnosis system
  • Electronic control of the combustion
  • Plug & play system, all already prepared
  • Power modulation from 20% to 100%
  • 5 class, required for access to the account thermal
  • Safety pressure of maximum and minimum
  • Cleaning system with wipers pushrod
  • Circulating pump, expansion tank, safety valve pre-assembled

pellet feed systemSafe system of pellet feed

Le Stufe a pellet Circe sono di un dotate secure system of the pellet feed. This closure system swivel, allows to dose in a precise manner the amount of fuel released into the combustion chamber.

Its safe operation avoids that the machine could shut down during the pellet loading, also improving the safety of the system, because the combustion chamber is hermetically closed in all its phases excluding the backfire

With this technical measure all the heating system is more stable and the boiler much more clean and quiet.

round pellets fumesHigh heat exchange with the flue

For optimal performance, in addition to the heat of the fire, Circe also uses one produced by the fumes thus having an outstanding performance.

The fumes coming from the combustion chamber to pass through the pipes for the heat exchange releasing their heat.

Once at the top, the smoke bouncing on the cover of vermiculite and are channeled back on other pipes releasing until the last layer of warmth. The stored heat is transmitted to the conduits and used for heating or for the production of sanitary hot water.

fans stove

Heats the surrounding environment

Thermostoves Circe 24 integrate fan tangential that allow to heat the environment in which they are housed.

You can enjoy the pleasant heat in the living room, the heat released at the same time, heat the whole house with maximum efficiency and great savings using the traditional system (radiators or underfloor heating).

The heater Circe is very quiet and can be installed in any style of home.

Circe electronics

Electronic management optimized

Circe is the pellet stove of latest generationDesigned with systems and technologies.

One of the pluses is its electronic management system that optimizes the combustion process and the rule based on the conditions of use and installation.

Everything is electronically managed also by the onboard computer that regulates the operation, the programming and management of the water temperature.

Circe has a handy remote control that lets you manage, even from a distance, the temperature, the switching on and off times daily or weekly.

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