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Station domestic hot water


domestic hot water production stationAqualda is a group for the production of domestic hot water in an instant, and has a flow rate of 5 150 in liters per minute and this makes it particularly suitable for applications with high demand such as apartment buildings, sports centers, industries and process applications.

This system has been optimized for the combination with heat pumps and solar thermal systems: in fact, the heat exchanger ensures maximum flow with only 50 ° C instead of the 65 / 70 ° C used by similar systems.

Hygiene hot water is produced instantaneously always assured because, in this way you avoid the proliferation of bacteria caused by stagnation of water (eg legionella). Also provided is a treatment cycle programmable for thermal disinfection of the recirculation lines.

anti legionella water stationEffective against Legionella

At the time of the request by the user, the hot water accumulates through the exchanger of Aqualda and transfers heat to the sanitary water without ever coming into contact with it.

This ensures absolute sanitary water hygiene and its immediate delivery.

Aqualda is equipped with a brazed plate heat exchanger of generous dimensions that guarantees water flow up to 150 liters per minute and, with cascade installation, up to 1200 l / min.

Aqualda is a compact station that can be installed on the wall or directly on the storage tank.

Aqualda hot water production group with solar

High flow rates with 50 ° discharge

Aqualda is ideal for solar thermal systems and heat pumps, thanks to the high surface plate heat exchanger.

With precise detection and immediate VFS sensor and the joint work of the modulating pump and the mixing valve, Aqualda ensures constant temperatures even at low flow rates.

Aqualda in cascade

Ideal for large installations

Aqualda is able to achieve flow rates from 5 150 in l / min
with cascade installation, up to 600 l / min.

This makes it ideal for large systems, eg. condominiums, hotels, camping, etc..
Also available are versions and 40 75 l / min, suitable for small condominiums.

aqualda2018Careful planning of Aqualda

Every single member of the group has been carefully chosen and designed by our technical department, especially thanks to the valuable suggestions of our customers and to work jointly with our partners, we have created a complete machine suppliers, reliable and efficient.

  • Primary pump Class A
  • Class A recirculation pump with bronze body (optional)
  • programmable recirculation management
  • template for fixing on the accumulation or on the wall
  • variable speed circulator management (10-100%)
  • VFS digital temperature and flow meter
  • management of mixing valve on delivery (supplied as standard)
  • deviation valve management on the primary return
  • antilegionella programmable thermal disinfection
  • accounting of the energy produced
  • dimensions: 720x620x360 mm
Features and Models
Model DHW Consumption
Unit VFS Power kW
M 75 75 l / m MFWC 5-100 181
M 150 150 l / m MFWC 10-200 361
The 75 75 l / m LFWC 5-100 181
L150 150 l / m LFWC 10-200 361

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