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Low cost solar collector

Low cost solar collector

FKE is the new low cost solar panel: it's compact and economic , Made of high quality materials and cutting edge technology.

The solar panel FKE has a harp absorber with 4 attacks. The hydraulic system makes it possible to connect five collectors in a row.

The accurate design and the technology of the materials used allow the FKE manifold to achieve high yields even in case of poor lighting.
FKE is certified Solar Keymark and this is a guarantee of quality for our customers.

Certified solar keymark din Blauer Engel

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FKE solar panels

FKE solar panel that absorbs much

The heart of the compact solar panel is the absorber harp that achieves high yields even in poor lighting, as in the case of the winter months.

The absorbers are manufactured with a special welding machine which ensures a resistant splice and of large surface area between the tube and foil allowing a good transfer of heat.

The use of a single material in the absorber prevents corrosion and thermal deformation.

Connections flexible couplings

The solar panel is easy to install

Il Solar collector economic FKE thanks to its flexible couplings can be installed with ease.

The connections between the collectors with flexible hydraulic compensators are very simple and economical since they require little manpower and less piping for the connections.

They can withstand strong stresses due, eg., To the foundations or movements of temperature and pressure fluctuations.

solar panel flat roofsolar panel on tile

E 'can connect the manifolds and on the right side than on the left side,
and series you can install up to 5 collectors.

The solar panel FKE can be installed on a flat roof or tile with ease.

FKE laser welding

A powerful and durable structure

The innovative laser welding technology fuses the absorber plate in aluminum to copper hydraulic module. In this way, the collector presents a perfect and effective welding.
A good weld means better heat transfer.

The aluminum frame and the high strength of the glass seal EPDM rubber give the panel a high reliability in time against hail, snow and rain infiltration.

FKE panel structurethe FKE Features

FKE is a technologically advanced panel and studied in every little detail.

1- copper pipe with harp geometry
2- perimeter gasket high strength
3- Heat insulation (20mm sides 30mm back)
4- highly selective absorber
5- frame of high-strength aluminum
6- solar glass of 3,2mm
7- stress resistant connections

solar panel FKE with pellets

The perfect combination: solar thermal and pellet

The solar panel FKE can be combined with any generator, and integrates seamlessly with the stoves and pellet boilers. These two combined technologies allow less expense and greater energy independence.

In winter: solar thermal gives a heat contribution to reduce the boiler running. In the summer: the solar system produces hot water avoiding the boiler to switch on. Result:

  • Lower consumption
  • Better use of the boiler
  • Greater freedom for the customer
Features and Models
Model FKE
net area (m2) 1,86
Gross floor area (m2) 2,00
Width (mm) 1,010
Height (mm) 1,980
Thickness (mm) 86
Weight (Kg) 32
Glass ESG solar glass
Insulating Mineral wool (3 cm)
Pressure (bar) 10
Absorber CU / AL

Solar thermal pellet schemeExample of solar panel installation

FKE is simple to install and can be integrated with traditional systems and with those of the latest generation Rossato Group.

In this example, the solar thermal system is dedicated to production of domestic hot water. Solar panels give off heat to double coil storage tank.

The pellet boiler supplies the heating system with radiators and where appropriate integrates the storage of domestic hot water. This system solution provides the integration of more renewable sources in heating and domestic hot water production, with a considerable energy saving.

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