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Drain back solar system


Emptying station

SolBox is the innovative system for the intelligent management of drain back solar systems.
Completely pre-assembled, contains all you need for the proper management of a system to drain mounted in a single component.

Ideal for homes mono / multi-family, sports centers, hotels, factories and laboratories for domestic hot water and space heating.

Also suitable for installations of solar cooling or hot water production process.

Solar station emptyingTechnical features

The station is fully pre-assembled and consists of:

- Emptying Container Drain Box
- High-efficiency pump Wilo Yonos Para
- Solar controller LTDC
- Filling Station
- Solar safety valve

An efficient system for the protection of the solar plant.

Emptying the solar system

Plants with discharge SolBox

Build a drain back solar system with SolBox is very simple, there are no limits to the size of the plant and the goodwill does not require special preparations, eg. pressure on the pre and post launch.

The SolBox is installed at the same level of the accumulation, for example in the cellar, and does not require the expansion vessel.

It is installed vertically and can be mounted to the floor or wall.

Operation emptying system

solbox resting system

Solar system at rest

When it is cloudy, or the plant is not in operation,
all the fluid remains inside the tank and SolBox in the collectors are empty.

In this way there is no danger that the mixture of glycoled water inside the
collectors suffer deterioration due to high temperatures.

solbox in operation

Solar system in operation

In the presence of solar radiation,
the system is started by the control unit and the entire solar circuit and the manifolds are filled with the pump at maximum speed.

When regular operation is restored, the pump returns to run at reduced speed and continues maximum energy savings.

solbox full tank

Tank completely hot

When the desired temperature in the storage tank is reached or if the collector temperature does not exceed that of the storage tank, the pump switches off automatically.

The fluid flows back into the Solbox without evaporating.
This prevents any overheating of the solar system.

Features models

SolBox Features
Surface area (m2) 0÷ 35
Capacity 40 liters
Pump Wilo Yonos Para
Attacks DN 20
Insulation (mm) 50 / TNT
Max pressure (bar) 6
Dimensions H950 x ø550
Weight Kg 23

solar thermal system emptying solbox drainback

Advantages installation in toilet system

Solar thermal modern reach very high temperatures and are liable to deteriorate due to:

  • Deterioration glycol
  • High pressure, water hammer due to steam
  • Soiling of non-return valves and pumps
  • Air in
  • Corrosion caused by heat transfer fluid acid

Icon airAir in nothing

The degradation processes that take place in the closed circuit of the plant cause the formation of gases that tend to free themselves.

These gases in traditional systems can cause malfunctions that can only be solved by having recourse to specialized personnel. Air can also be created in Drain Back systems, but this does not create problems as emptying systems can work in the presence of air.

glycolLonger glycol and plant

High temperatures in the system cause premature aging of the glycol, lowering the yield of the system. Furthermore, the fluid undergoes an alteration of the pH which can corrode the components of the system.

With the Drain Back system, there is no risk of stagnation of the glycol, because with the system stopped the collectors are empty. This ensures a longer life of the system and its components.

savingEnergy saving night

The system Drain Back allows also a considerable saving on electricity: during the night, in fact, it is not necessary to dispose of the excess energy, therefore, is not used electrical energy normally necessary for night cooling.

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